Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Worthless Kotex

As soon as I saw the title, the scene at our dining room table came rushing back to me.  We had been taking a Bible study course with Brother SweetOldGuy.  His wife never came to these meetings because she was busy at the Seventh Day Adventist church. I heard before that it was the speaking in tongues church near the four way stop.  

Anyway, the Bible studies were cruising right along in their confusing way.  More than once Hubby and I talked and said "Did you get what Brother SweetOldGuy got out of that verse?"  It was like the words were there but the meaning was completely different from the words on the page.  Again, I digress.

So, Brother SweetOldGuy says of that verse:

  Your sins are as filthy rags.     What is really means is your sins are like dirty Kotex in God's eyes.  Of course I don't say that to the kids at Sunday school.  I like to tell the kids in Sunday school class your sins are like a dirty bandage that has been sitting on your oozing cut finger.   If you peeled that dirty bandage off your yucky cut finger that is oozing would you want to look at that?  They always say "Ooh, Ick, Mr. SweetOldGuy." 

 But what it really means is that your works, all of your works, including any good works you do are like dirty, used Kotex.  Nothing, absolutely nothing we do is good to god because we are so tainted with sin.  So, when you get saved god is then able to look at you.  Through the lens that is the blood of Jesus.  Imagine  that!  The blood of Jesus washes you as white as snow. 

Is that send him off to the looney bin crazy?  What a load of hoo-haw.  Christians, especially Pastors and apologists, really do make this stuff up as they go and then they present these insights as facts and their followers then present them as facts.  

But the saddest part is, just as you said EveneingMeadows, the saddest part is that we sit there and let people tell us we are used Kotex without protest.  We allow these "experts" to say that we are so worthless God can't even look at us and that is because we deserve it.  We were born as crap, worthless sinners in need of saving.   Oh no, there is nothing you can do for yourself.  You need Jesus to help you.

The messages of the church are incredibly negative and misogynistic and designed to keep you helpless.  Thanks for the story.  It really did remind me of what church was really about.

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