Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Christ, No Christianity

I still remember the moment that I became an exChristian.  I read this article

As far as I am aware the information is still pretty accurate.  There is some talk of Nazareth existing in Jesus time but.... I am not convinced.

Anyway, I read this article after a lot of research on hell, universalism, Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua, Calvanism/Armenianism, various denominations, characteristics of cults, how even many Christians don't believe that Jesus said most of what is alleged to have said in the New Testament, etc., etc..  All of that time going on the premise that Christianity must be real on some level.

I finished that article and I sat there stunned.  The Jesus of the Bible never existed.  That guy that did miracles and was the son of god never existed.  No Christ, no fulfillment of the Old Testament, no actual proof from history even thought there were 42 writers of the era and area of Jesus, no writings by Jesus, nothing.  There is no evidence for the Jesus of the Bible.  That guy never existed.

It kind of washed over me.  All this effort to figure out what to believe, all this time spent, all the studying and researching, trying to figure out what god wanted.  And there never was a Christ who was god who was crucified.  At that moment, I was an exChristian.  No Christ, no Christianity.

Was there some idiot running around saying he would return in a cloud.  I don't care.  There never was a Jesus Christ.

It took me awhile longer to decide that I am an atheist.

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