Monday, August 27, 2012

E Cigs and Me

Okay, the e cigs are great.  I have amassed about 20 flavors and three nicotine strengths.  That would me 24mg, 18 mg and 12 mg.  Finding the right flavors and balance in nicotine strength can be a bit of a challenge.

You want enough nicotine to stave off the cravings for cigarettes.  Yet, not so much nictine that you feel jittery or sick to your stomach.  I have been a heavy smoker for years.  The 12 simply isn't enough to stop the cravings in the daytime but...I really wanted less nicotine in the evening so it is like this.

24mg mornings and afternoons

18 mg for a lot of the afternoon

12 for evenings with a booster of 24 or 18 if I feel I need it

So, how successful is this.  Pretty successful.  I have cut down by half or more.

Some people quit smoking right away and other, like me, keep smoking but manage to smoke less and less.  It is also tru that once you find the e cig set up you like it gets a lot easier.

There is still a transition away from cigs that can be a little tough but it really is okay to go at this gradually.  I feel really good about smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day less.  After all, in three weeks I have smoked 420 less cigarettes.  And that is a pretty minimal figure.  I have saved at least $84 in cigarette costs although I have gone a bit overboard on products and have spent at least $300 on batteries, different flavors and strengths of nicotine juices, cartridges of various types to put the juices into, a super battery charger that you can take with you to keep your batteries charged up during the day while you are away from home and some fun accessories like the lanyard to hang your e cig around your neck so you aren't always setting it down somewhere and worrying about losing it.

The good news is that costs go way down after you get your system set up the way you like it to be.  Since I was spending at least $160 per month on cigs [yes, the price of cigs is outrageous now-a-days] and this will cost me less than half depending on what I buy in terms of juices and cartridges and accessories:)  So, if I spend $60 and I save $100 per month, I get my costs back and then some pretty quickly.

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey to quit smoking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

E Cigs...Day 4

When I get the time I need to talk about my e cig purchases but, real quick,  I want to document that I have received my first order of supplies on August 11th.  I seriously tried e cigs on August 12, 13 and 14.  I will be using e cigs again today.

For three days I have cut down by about half on smoking without going nuts.  That is 60 cigarettes not smoked.  So far, I am very happy with my decision.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's Up...the Temperature, That's What!

Still hot and going to be 100 plus again all week.  I have to get everything done outside by about 10am and then I start melting andhave to come into the house.  The A/C is keeping up and I am so happy about that.

Wiseguy and I went for a nice drive today.  We encountered a dog that kept barking and coming towards us but I kept saying "Bad Dog!" and it finally left.  Wiseguy was fine.

We are still having a bit of trouble on turns.  I really think he gets it into his mind where he wants to go and then doesn't want to do the turn.  Anyway, we worked through that nicely and did some tight circles and some good work on listening and we had a great drive.

Hubby is the best.  He is trying to get an antennae onto the Toy 4 runner.  Turns out it is a bigger job than he thought but he is valiantly giving it his best shot.

I am fertilizing using the pressure pot for the next few days.  It is so convenient.  One of the  best ideas I ever had:)

Friday, August 10, 2012

In laws suck but Hubby is a Keeper

The in laws are really sucking but my Hubby is a keeper.  We went out for my Birthday.  Did a little shopping.  Found a roo up aluminum table for our hunting/camping trip this fall.  Picked up a trailer wheel for the horse trailer.  We didn't notice when we bought the trailer that there was no wheel.  Guess we didn't give it much thought but it is nice to be able to jiggle the trailer onto the hitch.  Without a wheel you have to back up perfectly.

Anyway, as we were eating our Godzilla sushi roll [it is the cooked kind of sushi since I'm not eating anything raw!], I told Hubby how I was thinking his dad sounded like he would only be in camp with us for maybe two days.  I felt that was disappointing, darn it!  I told him would also have been nice if we could have all seen his Grandma and Grandpa together.  [Grandma is 88 and has melonoma cancer so she may not be overly long for this world.]

He let me know that he thought his dad was acting like that, too.  He said that he thought dad really wanted to go antelope hunting with the rich couple.  I told him, "Yeah, but are B&G going to take care of your folks in their old age?  They don't seem to want to spend time with us but you watch, they are going to spend every dime the have and then expect to live with us after hardly spending any time trying to be a family."  Hubby said that's true.  I told him I am definitely not trying to make waves but the whole situation is frustrating.  He feels the same way.

Typical Hubby [when I think about it] says,  "I don't care what my folks do.  We are going to have a great trip!"  I agreed whole heartedly. We always have a great time when it is the two of us and the trips with his folks are really about him getting to see his family.

Hubby is more observant than I think sometimes.  And he is hearing what I am saying about the tea party and hating all Democrats and such.  He has been doing some fact checking on his own.  Not that I think he is going to turn into a Democrat is nice for me to feel more accepted with my views being different from his on a number of issues.  He noted that it is hard for me to talk to his parents when I know they think I am a communist, fascist non capitalism worshiping liberal.  We were both laughing.

Anyway, he told me that the most important thing about the trip is that I feel good about going.  He loves me and wants me to have a great time.  He doesn't care if his parents aren't going to be there for only a couple of days.  That is their loss and their problem.  We will go sight seeing and have a blast.  And we will.  I actually don't mind not being with his folks for more than a couple of days.  They get on my nerves anyway.

His mom cleans the trailer for hours and complains about dust getting into the trailer.  Camping is dirty and she is getting worse than ever about cleaning and she has always been ridiculous.  I freeze up when I am around them and have a hard time talking since I hardly know what to say to some of the ridiculous and weird and nasty things they say.  I don't think we should be using the N word when we are talking about the president.  Dad listens to Rush Limbaugh and the watch Fox news because Fox news isn't liberally biased like all the liberal news makers who can't get the facts right.  Geez, does nobody in America think for themselves?

Gotta go.  It will be over 100 degrees again today.  I have to clean a house.  They have no A/C.  Fortunately, theay have been leaving by 11:30 so my plan is to get everything accomplished as quickly as possible.  Hopefully they will leave at 11am and I will leave at 11:30am.  Cross your fingers for me since it is already pretty close to 97 degrees that time of day and I still have to drive 40 minutes to get home.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E Cigarettes

I am trying e cigs.  I have been a two pack a day smoker for years.  Frankly, I like smoking but the health problems that occur from smoking worry me.  I know my lungs wish I would knock it off.  I have been researching e cigs.

I have tried the nicotine gum and the patches.  They are incredibly expensive and they have not helped me quit.

I bought two different brands at the drugstore.  The Blu and the Cig2o.  The Blu tasted like dirty socks and the Cig2o wasn't bad.  Looks like I will be sending for the starter kit for the Volt e cigs.  Seems to be highly recommended.  There seems to be far fewer health side effects from the e cigs.  They eliminate all the tars and such that a regular cigarette has in them.

I ordered some V2 disposable cigs and will let you know how I like them when I get them in the mail.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The out, I mean the in laws

Really, this whole mess got started when we were hunting with the in laws and their dreary friends - the rich people.  Honestly, despite the accusations by the in laws about Democrats hating rich people, I don't and I am technically not even a Democrat.  I have known a number of well to do persons and probably could have married one or two of them.  Some well off/wealthy persons are very nice and some are not.

The rich couple, who just plain got lucky and marketed a new check writing process that is netting them gazillions of dollars at just the right moment in history, [IMHO] have been hanging out with the blue collar set for hunting trips.  That would be the in laws.  Of course, the rich couple don't ever think that they are lucky to have this item work out well for them.  After all, I have known very talented people who have patents on different items who are not wealthy.

The in laws are retired but don't try to drive the hour and a half to see us.  We generally see them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You'd think they lived in another state instead of another town.

Anyway, the rich couple who are Christians and go to church are also tea party types.  So, we are on a hunting trip and they are talking like we don't need a heath care policy that includes everyone being covered and other trite bull about not needing a Social Security program and such.  I said, "Doesn't it seem a bit like worshiping Mammon?"  That is money for you non-Christians.

I was being really gentle and trying to point out how money isn't everything and that I don't mind if some of the taxes I pay go to make sure people have decent healthcare.   Also, that unions may have their place since many businesses have been neglectful of worker safety and don't care if their workers aren't making a fair living. I probably threw in that Social Security seems like a good thing to me since I wouldn't want old people standing on street corners begging like those poor widows in India.

They started acting like I was some ignorant piece of dirt that just didn't get it.  I finally lost my temper and gave them what for. I told them the trickle down theory has always struck me as seeming a lot more like  being peed on from above than money raining down into the economy and it certainly doesn't hurt the wealthy to pay a bit more in taxes. Those rich people absolutely benefit from living in a politically stable country with an educated populace and a decent police force and fire protection.  Let's not forget the good roads and ports that allow them to send their goods easily to market.  Then, I was so upset at myself for losing my temper that I just sat there while these selfish, prideful people - the in laws and the rich couple - lectured me for an hour on the joys of capitalism and how I just don't understand the trickle down theory of economics.

Here are people that have totally benefited from Social Security, being in a union and their extra pensions and health care now that they are retired on top of that  They also take advantage of Medicare health benefits.  They went on and on and on explaining capitalism to me like I didn't understand anything.

I couldn't even spit out that although doing business is a fine thing it should not come at the expense of the environment and workers health.  Doesn't anybody remember just how polluted the waters of America used to be?  How about workers losing their lives and/or health because management finds it cheaper to hire more workers than to care about the people that work for them?  Surely there has to be a balance here.

Ever since then, the in laws have figured out I really don't believe in their sacred tea party crapola and they are not even trying to be nice to me any more.  That is the way it is.  I really hate being confrontational.  I don't want to talk about politics and the government take over. I don't believe that the Republicans have regular people best interests at heart.  The Democrats aren't much better.  I don't like being around them.  There is no balance in their thought processes when it comes to capitalism, Republicans or guns.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The in laws are now my outlaws

Really, it is hotter than all get out.    The veggie garden is barely putting out any veggies.   I   don't feel like weeding since it is hot and there aren't all that many veggies to protect from the weeds.

Even though there are worse in laws than mine, my in laws suck.  They only talk about politics and are total tea party advocates.  I tend to be a bit more liberal although I am by no means a communist, fascist, wimpy, give up all my rights to the state, Democrat.  I am so sick of the wacky "facts" that are clearly not factual that I want to go into a head spinning, vomiting split pea soup, Linda Blair imitation.  You remember the scene from The Excorcist?  But they are my in laws and I have to be nice.

For years I haven't said a word but I am starting to say a little something here and there and now they don't even want to be around me at all.  I can't think of anything to talk about when I am around them.  We have a hunting trip coming up and I need to make a list of topics to discuss that aren't about death panels and Muslim take overs of the White House.

The hunting trip is really for Hubby.  I told him "Sure, let's go to Wyoming and hunt with your Dad."  It is going to cost us a small fortune since we have to drive so far.  The fees are $325 for a tag and $500 for getting a deer on the ranch.  That is already a full hunting trip of dollars spent and we haven't even paid for gas or a couple of hotel rooms and food.  All right, money isn't everything.

Here is the kicker.  His dad is making it sound like he will only be at the camp with Hubby for two days.  Hubby was doing this to spend time with his dad and his dad isn't even going to stick around to hang out with him.  That is so pissing me off.

This is so not going to be very much fun.  I always get stuck at camp while his mom cleans the trailer for hours at a time.  Then, even though they are both quite healthy, she talks about how they are planning on being sick since they are older now.  I keep saying "You guys are in great health, enjoy it." but apparently cleaning the trailer and not enjoying any of the time you are camping and bitching about how dirty it is to camp are her favorite hobbies.

I  can't moan to Hubby about his parents so, I am saying it here on the blog.  I hate being around his parents.  I've tried for twelve years to build some sort of bridge but there is nothing to build on at this point.  I am going to have to try calling more often to see if there is something we can build a relationship on.  For awhile, I thought mom and I were getting a bit closer but apparently not.

That's that, I am stuck with this situation.  I can only hope that I can find a way to express myself without getting flustered and not being able to say anything at all.  I am just going to have to find a way to work with these people and see if we can't get a little closer as a family.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horse and I are working it!

My miniature horse and i have been really getting out and about lately.

MIL and FIL came over.  FIL and MIL both arrived way late.  It was really hot out by then.  The horse and I had been ready for quite some time so I took the little guy out for a short spin and they were already arrive by the time I got back.  MIL said sure take her for a really short ride.  Didn't sound enthused at all.

Got back and Hubby had already shoved the food onto the table and rushed us to eat.  The ribs could have cooked another hour so they were good but not great!!

FIL barely glanced at my little horse.

What a disastrous day with the in laws.

Oh well.  They are so dreary anyway with all their talk of liberal commie    fascists taking over America.  I'm not actually sorry they left early.

Still don't know what their problem was.

This week I got the horse out for a four mile drive.  We had a few issues turning but we did great.  Wiseguy saw a billy goat on a rope and was pretty intense.  I said whoa and then he started dancing.  I told him "no you don't" and then "whoa" and then "stand".  He did really good!  How exciting to be pulling it together with my little guy.

The next day Wiseguy hauled me and Hubby around the neighborhood.

Then on Wednesday we trailered to Stagecoach and drove with a nice older lady.  She has a horse that is taller than mine so Wiseguy had to do a fair amount of trotting to keep up. We did several miles and the horse pulled me and Hubby for the distance.  The road was pretty rough but our little horse did great.

Today I got the little guy out on my own today and we worked on turns.  Fantastic morning.  He and I had very few problems and we weaved through the tires, we backed.  We did a few pivot turns in the cart.  We can't quite do a real pivot but we are getting close.

I have to take the next three days off form driving but I am thrilled with our progress.