Monday, August 27, 2012

E Cigs and Me

Okay, the e cigs are great.  I have amassed about 20 flavors and three nicotine strengths.  That would me 24mg, 18 mg and 12 mg.  Finding the right flavors and balance in nicotine strength can be a bit of a challenge.

You want enough nicotine to stave off the cravings for cigarettes.  Yet, not so much nictine that you feel jittery or sick to your stomach.  I have been a heavy smoker for years.  The 12 simply isn't enough to stop the cravings in the daytime but...I really wanted less nicotine in the evening so it is like this.

24mg mornings and afternoons

18 mg for a lot of the afternoon

12 for evenings with a booster of 24 or 18 if I feel I need it

So, how successful is this.  Pretty successful.  I have cut down by half or more.

Some people quit smoking right away and other, like me, keep smoking but manage to smoke less and less.  It is also tru that once you find the e cig set up you like it gets a lot easier.

There is still a transition away from cigs that can be a little tough but it really is okay to go at this gradually.  I feel really good about smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day less.  After all, in three weeks I have smoked 420 less cigarettes.  And that is a pretty minimal figure.  I have saved at least $84 in cigarette costs although I have gone a bit overboard on products and have spent at least $300 on batteries, different flavors and strengths of nicotine juices, cartridges of various types to put the juices into, a super battery charger that you can take with you to keep your batteries charged up during the day while you are away from home and some fun accessories like the lanyard to hang your e cig around your neck so you aren't always setting it down somewhere and worrying about losing it.

The good news is that costs go way down after you get your system set up the way you like it to be.  Since I was spending at least $160 per month on cigs [yes, the price of cigs is outrageous now-a-days] and this will cost me less than half depending on what I buy in terms of juices and cartridges and accessories:)  So, if I spend $60 and I save $100 per month, I get my costs back and then some pretty quickly.

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey to quit smoking.

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