Monday, September 3, 2012

23 Days

So, it has been about 23 days.  Several days ago I dropped down to 15 cigs a day.  It hasn't been really hard to cut back by even more:)  Yeah!!!!!

It's the e cigs.  Vaping [as they call it] is so much like smoking but without any of the tars or carbon monoxide in cigarettes.  Thousands of chemicals comeout of  a burning cigarette.  Vaping has very few chemicals.  The vape materials are pretty darn safe.  It has been estimated that e cigs are 99% safer than real cigs.

Looks like there is a campaign to stop e cigs in many countries.  In some countries they are banned including Mexico and Singapore.  That seems like a real shame.  I feel better and I have a lot more energy.  One can only hope that here in the USA we get our heads out of our a$$es and decide that a safer nicotine delivery system is a great idea.

I want to be smoke free by the time we go on vacation.

Thanks Gandolf for the nice comment.  That was very sweet.

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