Thursday, June 30, 2011


Not much to report today.  I ignored the garden in favor of cleaning a house, meeting hubby for coffee and enjoying my time on the internet.  This is our last really nice day for awhile in that it looks like it will be almost 100 degrees for the next week.  Have to get things done early in the morning or late as the sun starts going down.

I picked a head of lettuce that must have been over 12 inches across.  It was beautiful!  Hope we are going to get some more strawberries.  Over all the veggie garden is spectacular this year!

Watering the North zone over night.

Gave the street zone a booster thismorning but since we got so much rain yesterday morning I did not water overnight last night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Woke up to the sound of rain gently falling outside my window.  I love the rain.  Then the thunder started rolling across the sky.  This year has been a lot of rain. We might make it to 8 inches.  I'll have to try to look that up.  Our average here is less than 6 inches and we don't even support a short grass habitat.  The good news is you can see for miles.

Enjoy the beautifull cool rainy day because it will all be gone shortly and the heat is coming on.  Fourth of July is precited to be hotter than a firecracker.

I picked sugar pod peas today and a few snap pea pods as well.  I love when the veggie garden is producing.  I have to clean a house tomorrow so most of my day is shot but this weekend I will be able to get back to my projects and my garden.  Fourth of July seem searly this year.  I don't know why.

Okay, that is five bags of pea pods for making stir fry this winter.  Of course we will be combining that with our summer squashes that we will be freezing as well as some store bought veggies.  You can't beat stir fry for easy and delicious eating.

Best get out there and pick a bit of lettuce and the get to work on freezing pea pods.


Somebody named Morrison commented.  I don't really get many comments and I can't seem to reply to them directly.

"You're only an hour away from those stores?

You ain't isolated.

By the way, I see you are reading do realize how many lies she has told about her origins don't you?"

By the way, it is actually over an hour but I didn't know I was going to have to deal with a critic.  

I don't think I said I was isolated.  Just that it takes a long time to go shopping and a lot of driving.  So, if I want to go shopping I have to plan to go to quite a few places.  Sometimes it is a bit exhausting.  I don't really want to be isolated just insulated from having the neighbors too close by.  Also, it is kind of isolating living out here.  I have limited choices in friends and a couple of neighbors.  Unlike when I lived in larger towns and cities.

I certainly don't want this little teensey weensey blog to turn contentious.  I don't know you, Morrison, but if you have something specific you want to point to regarding the author in question then do post a link and I will be happy to read it.  However, it would seem that her message that women are being abused by religion is quite believable to me.  That is not a lie.  That is true.  Women are half the sky and every bit equal in importance as men in this world.  

It is easy to do name calling and difficult to try to see the message that is presented.  So, just saying LIar, liar, liar does not create a dialogue.  Who in this lifetime hasn't told a lie or two,  Aayan seems to have admitted that she lied on her application for asylum to Holland.  Just like thousands of others in her shoes.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It certainly is a joy to live in America where you can shop for so many different thngs.  I have to drive an hour to do real shopping  Today I went to Meeks, Lowes, Walmart, got gas and went to Costco.  Like everyone I know I think carefully about my purchases and I try to stay on budget.  Seems like the groceries always want to go over budget.  A few packages of meat and the bill goes through the roof.  I am always glad I get to eat.  Times have been much harder in the past and today is very good to me.  I have food and a nice little place to call home.

The bank actually owns our house but one day we will pay it off and it will be all ours.  Except for the property taxes, of course.

It was cloudy and only 82 degrees.  The wind has come up considerably and I may go feed the goats while the wind is only a breezy 25 MPH as I here it will eventually be gusting to 40.

Watering tonight.  Fruit tree zone, of course.

Reading Nomad by Aayan Hirsii Ali.  Good read.  Maybe I'll have to blog about it a bit.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Notable Quotable

 What sermon would you give based on 

Matthew 7:1-12  Matthew 23:

Here is what I would say:)
Shall we judge one another in this life?  Who among the Christians is not a hypocrite?  Who can say they understand the mind of god upon reading a Bible that has shown god to be inconsistent, heavy handed and without humor?  There is not one version of Christianity.  Nay, there are hundreds of versions.

How shall one be saved for there are at least three ways to be saved in the New Testament?  How shall one treat ones family?  Shall mother turn against daughter and son against father or shall one honor ones mother and father no matter the circumstances?  Both attitudes are included in the pages of the Bible.  Shall we love one another with a true and abiding love or shall we allow most of the world to be condemned to hell?  For God says He loves us truly and that He will eternally roast those whom he has not chosen?  Or is it those who did not choose Him?  For both those concepts are in the Bible.

Shall we accept that we children should be beaten as clearly stated in the Psalms?  Shall we believe that it is just and righteous to beat innocent beings?  Is it right and just for God to apparently punish us and yet leave not a clue as to what we did wrong?  For it is always a guessing game.  Why did this happen?  Why has calamity befallen me?  Is God testing me?  Is God punishing me?  Is God playing a little gambling game with Satan as He did with Job?

You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

How can any of us judge the other when it is far too often that the Christian overflow of the heart shows not that they are a changed man or woman with a holy spirit living inside them but rather, only human, just like all the  Hindus, Jainists, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists.

Indeed, many of the actions of the Christians indicate they worship an evil god and live a world not of peace but a world filled with invisible demons and a ruler of this world Satan.  How unhealthy is it, mentally and emotionally, to believe that one is born evil, as filthy rags, as unworthy trash to come begging to a god that seems not to answer.  For it is to be admitted that answers from god are not noteworthy as one would expect.  Would you turn to your parent and ask a question, then sit as the parent is silent as a stone, waiting for an answer?  Then, if a clock strikes the hour or the dog runs through in play or the phone rings you say to yourself, that must be my answer for my parent does not actually speak to me.

Ah yes, ye vipers that would condemn even a single person to Hell.  Oh ye hypocrites that state that God has made plain to you.  Remove the plank from your eye and see that being an agnostic or an atheist is accepting the world as it is.

I could go on but you get my drift:) Of course, none of this is very tactful so maybe you want to get another speech writer!

Notable Quotable

One always has to decry the lack of time and space to discuss ever aspect of an issue but I think I did pretty good in answering that science has its limits.

There are limits to science, Bob, however that in no way shows that there is a god.  There is little to no scientific evidence to show there is a god. Certainly none of the evidence points to a Biblegod.  

Textual criticism has shown that the Bible was written by very fallible humans in a very small corner of the world.  [See Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman, really fascinating read.  See also, Hector Avalos The End of Biblical Studies, another fascinating read].

Studies show that prayer is ineffective, no matter which god is prayed to.  The Bible states that if two or more pray together it shall be granted or that just the tiniest bit of faith will be able to move a mountain.  This is demonstrably proven not to work.

Science is a pointer or an indicator.  Hence many people are agnostic atheists.  They do not believe there is a god.  They know that it is virtually impossible to "prove" there is no big foot, dragons that breathe fire or unicorns.  However, it can  be stated with a fair amount of certainty that none of these creatures actually exist.

There are many types of god. Most people in America are generally discussing  two different items called god.  One is Biblegod and it can be shown that Biblegod is not able to exist.  Some of those arguments are certainly "philosophical" that show an omni everything being is not a doable concept.  The other is the deist version of god.  God created the Universe and has little or no effect on the Universe and its humans.  This god sounds a lot like nature and so does not require worship.  

When we discuss god it is important to remember which god is being discussed.  

Many atheists no more think that science has all the answers than we think the moon is made of cream cheese.  Science is a pointer or an indicator.   Science is able to evolve unlike Biblegod who is stuck in a rut as an ancient and primitive being who is jealous, vindictive and just plain ornery.

Just a couple of thoughts for you.

May peace and reason find you.


The house started out hotter than the last few days and I will probably have to run the A/C later.  I try to cool the house off as much as possible before closing up the doors and windows.

I weeded the veggie garden and fed the goats.  They don't really like the green grasses so much but they do eat it anyway.

The zuchinnies are racing to get big.  Good, we did the variety.  We are having salad, salad, salad, all green, all the time.  It is delicious but it is fun to have something to put in it.  Speaking of which, I need to put some more radishes in since they grow so fast and they are great for Hubby's lunches.

I got the lettuce picked and prewashed for today's salad.  Might be enough for tomorrow, too.  I am thinking about going to town tomorrow and then I think that my neighbor is dropping her dog off for awhile and the we are feeding her lunch.  I really feel inconvenienced in a way since I need to be gone and then I need to cook lunch but it will probably be fun anyway.

I picked beets, swiss Chard, some red onions and some spinach for today's stir fry.  I will use my store bought carrots and the pea pods I picked yesterday.  Should be pretty yummy.  I am thinking General Tsao sauce.

I got two more post holes dug.  Now I have to try to level the posts which is sort of hard to do by yourself but I am going give it a try.  I want to get the roofing done so that I can start tarring and then shingling during the hot weather.  Off I go.

The wind is picking up and it is still pretty hot out.  Fed the goats some grass hay.  Got the tomato cages on the tomato plants.  Put the trash cans in the garage.  Battening down the hatches.  It looks like a 45 MPH wind by tomorrow.

I am going shopping anyway so the fact that virtually no work will get done outside is fine with me!

Nope the posts are not done but they will have tow wait until the weekend now.

I did have to run the A/c but it didn't kick on until 2pm.  The other great news about the A/C is that it really is able to keep up with the heat much better than when we first moved in.   Our first couple of years were pretty miserable with the A/C not able to keep us feeling cool enough.

It is so nice to feel comfortable in our home. For on thing we have the shutters.  Having the shutter on the guest room seems to be helping on that end of the house.  Glad we finally got around to doing that.  The second thing is that we now have a fence around the front of the house that casts some shade and helps keep the ground from baking.  The third item is that the trees are finally getting a little bigger.  This is one area that will keep improving for several more years.  As the Crab apples and the ornamental pear and the Purple robe locusts start getting bigger we will have shade in the afternoons.  This should help considerably but even now it is helping some.  The arbor actually casts a respectable 3 foot by 6 foot patch of shade and every little bit helps on the southwest and west portions of the house.  We also have a green belt around the outside of the back yard now.  The center is still dirt and I have several ideas to fix that but the wind fence shades the area in the late afternoon and the golden locust I got last year for my B-day is going to be a lovely huge amount of shade in that central dirt area.  The area outside the wind fence is also much greener.  Can't wait for the little pine trees to start kicking it up a notch.  looks like they will remain pretty small this year but you can see that several of them are going to hit their stride next year.  Of course, it will be about 5 years before they will make a real difference but I have that to look forward to.

Watering the East Side Winddbreak tonight.

Notable Quotable

TGBaker is one smart guy and I have enjoyed getting to know someone online that has so much knowledge in his brain.

Here is one of his comments"

"Let's hope this guy isn't running for Congress. "

I use to run into these type of dogmatic clones all the time at theological book sales and Columbia Theological Seminary.  I think they DO represent the logical conclusion of an Omnipotent and Omniscient God.  Calvin was very prolific and detailed researcher/writer.  The mixture of Greek Philosophy and Jewish soteriology  that wedded through Church history created the material for Calvin's thought. He would say things to others on the board like you're just and atheist because your mother and father died.  ...just mean and spiteful things. That is when I decided I would not waste conversation with the likes of David Marshall.

So it got me to thinking again about the Calvinist Doctrines.  For one thing you get to pick and choose so you can be a three point Calvinist or a four point Calvinist or a five point Calvinist.  Babies can definitely go to hell since they are born with original sin.  Even if you have been the finest Christian on the planet [and I don't know any Calvinists who are since they take the love out of humanity.] if you fall away you just never were chosen by god.  God seems to choose a very limited number of people based on the statistics of Calvinists vs. everyone who isn't a Calvinist Christian and this doesn't bother them one bit apparently.  Many stories of the abuse and meaness of the Pastors of these churches towards their wives and children.  Also, they have no sympathy for non Christians since it is god's decision and Biblegod is right about anything Biblegod chooses to do.

My comment back to TG:

..Yet, the Calvinists seem to gloss over the whole "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and the Fruit of the spirit like compassion and love and patience.  The fruit of the Calvinist doctrine is "Got mine, up yours."  It is a mean spirited form of Christianity.

So, I agree that the conclusion is logical based on an omniscient god yet it is quite able to ignore the parts of the Bible that it doesn't want to use for its version of Christianity.  Of course, all Christianities have to pick and choose from the Bible since there is no coherence and plenty of opposing verses.  Hence, at least three ways to be "saved" and get to heaven.

    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    Veggie Garden

    Picked pea pods today and have enough for a stir fry tomorrow.

    Went shopping but Meeks was closed on Sundays.  I didn't know that so I have to go back later in the week.  I got my 4x4's, 2x4's, OSB 4x8 sheets and appropriate screws but couldn't get several other items.  Back again on Tuesday I think.

    In the meantime I am going to get two more post holes dug, get the 4 posts cemented in and go from there.  If I keep plugging away at this I will get there someday.

    Time to do some weeding, feed the goats, get the water started on the back berm, feed the dogs and get some more of the needle and thread grass out of the yard.  That should keep me out of trouble for a couple of hours.  It is sort of hot out but the breeze will help cool me down and keep the mosquitoes off.

    Tonight's overnight watering zone is:  North Windbreak.

    Saturday, June 25, 2011


    The weather has been lovely today in the mid-eighties.  A bit breezy but it feels good when it is hot.

    Didn't have to run the A/C today and the house is quite comfortable.  Yeah!!!

    Fed the goats weeds this morning but this evening threw them some grass hay.  Sometimes you need a break.  I cleaned a big house yesterday and it left me a bit tired.

    The veggie garden is coming along nicely.  Managed to pick some strawberries for Hubby's lunch and sent a large salad as well [from the garden of course].

    Probably need to pick peas tomorrow.

    Did I mention that the blanket flowers and  coreopsis are starting to bloom.  They both add a huge splash of color to the garden.  My native daylillies in orange are very visible from far away and I am enjoying those immesely, as well.
    I have som oenethera coming on but I haven't ever had much success with it although I just love the brilliant pink flowers.

    Okay, I went out and pulled Neddle-and Thread grass despite my malaise.  Back to reading and watching TV:)

    Think I will run to Meeks for some lumbar and another barn door bar and wheels.  One last shutter for the front will have us fixed up for years to come.

    Weeded the wind fence area and got it all in a barrel.  Lots of cheat grass so not suitable for composting.

    Lots of should do's but don't want to so back to reading my new book.

    Watering the West side zone tonight.

    Gopher ate my two cosmos with desert peaches [suspected] so Hubby is trapping the goober.  Another gopher out by the irises and daylillies eluded him once but they all succumb eventually.  Victory will be ours.

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Notable Quotable

    Hi Me -
    Deconverting with a believing spouse/family is extremely difficult.  Of course we want to share our thoughts and questions with our life partner and have them support and encourage our personal development, but at the same time we do not want to create or cause a rift in the relationship that costs us our marriage.

    Everyone's situation is different, but I think the underlying fear of the believing spouse/family member is that they will lose the 'you' that they know and love deeply.  They will fight fiercely to keep 'you' if they believe this is what is happening. But they are not losing 'you'.  You will remain very much the same person, but probably slightly better because you will be more 'human' instead of being a reflection of someone else's expectations.

    The believing spouse may also passionately believe they are required to give their full love and allegiance to god.  The trick here is to prevent the relationship from polarizing into a type of 'power struggle' where the believing spouse comes to believe they must choose between their spouse and god.  There are some things we can try to keep it from 'going there'.

    Some of the competing needs that come in to play during deconversion are the deconverting person's need for support, authenticity and intimacy and the spouse's need for stability, connection, and unity.

    1. Support - As we are deconverting (and after) we want and need the support of our christian friends/family, but the truth is that they (in most cases) lack the ability to support us.  They truly cannot support us because it is too threatening and painful for them.  We need to find others that we can talk to about our belief issues.  Often, we only need one friend who can listen and understand.  Fortunately on this site, there are many, many people who are able to do this. 

    It feels sort of weird to find support for something that is so important to us outside of our primary relationships, but there are other things we don't talk to our spouses about because it's too hard on them -- things like issues regarding past lovers or issues surrounding death.

    2. Authenticity - The need for authenticity is very strong. We want the people we love to know the 'real' us. This need is particularly strong during deconversion.  But deconversion is a tumultuous time when we often do not even know what we think.  We feel confused, anxious, unsettled.  A case could be made that it's wise to give oneself time (1-2 years) to let the tumult subside before speaking  definitively about what's going on to the people we love.  I spent several years dodging questions, because I did not know what the heck was going on and I knew they would only be alarmed by my unrest. 

    It can be helpful to believing spouses/family/friends to describe your experience in terms they understand.  Saying you are experiencing a 'dark night of the soul' or 'experiencing a time in the wilderness' is something that is familiar to believers -- christian mystics often wrote about very lengthy dark nights of the souls and Moses, the Children of Israel, John the Baptist and Jesus all spent time in the wilderness.  This is something they might be able to have some patience and concern for in ways that they will not be able to have patience and concern for a time of 'serious disbelief' or 'doubting god's existence'.

    3. Intimacy - When we fell in love with our spouses, sharing the same belief system was important, but it was only one of many important things that made us want to share a life together.  Sometimes our religious beliefs are an underlying 'given' (unspoken assumptions) in relationships and don't really come out in every day life beyond grace at mealtime and comments about 'that was a great sermon', even in very committed Christian families. 

    If we can manage it during the turmoil of deconversion, we can focus on deepening and strengthening all the other areas of the relationship that are attractive and important to us.  We can also support and invest in our spouse's efforts at personal growth and listen carefully for non-religious areas in their life where they are trying to grow.

    Meanwhile, our spouses/family need our reassurance of stability, connection, and unity. 

    4. Stability - Deconversion is hardly a 'strong suit' in relationships, but we can find ways to tell our spouse/family how important they are to us, how glad we are to have them in our lives, the things we love about them, and how we appreaciate the ways that our uniquenesses (not differences) help us develop into better people.

    5.  Connection - We can look for, strengthen, and enhance (or develop) the ways we connect outside of sitting next to each other in a church building.  Church attendance provides a weekly structure where everyone is together.  But other things can also serve this purpose, like walks or games or movies or crafts or projects or going to a park or whatever.  These are all ways that our spouse and family can feel that important connection to us instead of the horrible feeling that we are slipping away from them.

    6.  Unity - When we deconvert, our views may diverge on some things but we will still share many views in common.  Notice these areas of unity and build them up by verbally saying, 'I agree with you' or "I'm so glad you agree with me." or "I'm so glad I have your help in this." or "We make a great team with these kids we are trying to transform from barbarians into civilized humans." or whatever. 

    No one likes to feel that they disagree on important issues with people they care about, but the truth is we didn't agree about everything before and never expected that we would. 

    We already have experience navigating differences in our marriages and there are many inter-generational differences that we somehow manage to navigate in our families (tattoos and piercings, anyone?) as well as doctrinal differences that families find a way to let 'slide' (our extended family happily co-exists with various siblings attending reformed churches, 4 square churches, calvary chapels, methodist churches, baptist churches, and church plants).  Unity can still be strengthened even when we don't agree.

    I don't mean to make all this sound easy.  It's not.  It's painful and terrifying and difficult and sometimes it doesn't work.  It sounds like you, your husband, and your family are having a tough time.  You might be able to plead the 'wilderness/dark night of the soul', tell them you need a break, ask them to pray for you (to make them feel better), and then try some new ways to meet your needs and their needs.

    Let us know how it goes.  There are a lot of people here who care about you.

    Today's NQ is by Thinktank who gives fantastic advice about getting through deconverting from Christianity and still maintaining your marriage and family relationships.  Thanks Thinktank for this well thought out information.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Veggie Garden

    Yes, the peas are coming on.  Snap peas, garden peas, sugar pod peas.  Yeah!!!!!

    Hope the new rads I planted come on fast as we just picked the last of the first batch.

    I got a beautiful bowl of lettuce and I thinned the carrots again.  I have a few tiny carrots for today's salad.

    I need to get my ooomph up but I just can't seem to get going today.  Oh, well, tomorrow's another day.  I did get the dishes done and started loading the car for tomorrow's cleaning job.  I raked up some cheat grass but I think it is hopeless.  The trash is staged to put out tonight for tomorrow's pick up.

    The goal on the corn is knee high by the Fourth of July.  We are behind due to the weather this year so we'll see.

    Weeded and fed the goats.

    Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

    Coffee and a nap just isn't enough to get me motivated today.  I did get the trash put out on the curb.  I fed the goats grass.  Got the shutters opened up and watered the fruit tree zone for an hour.  Watering the back right now for an hour or so.  Over all, I think I will finish Hector Avalos The End of Biblical Studies and hang out on the couch for the rest of the evening.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011


    I am watering the North Side windbreak tonght.

    I fed the goats grass hay as I did not feel like weeding.

    I am writing poetry and hanging out on the couch tonight.  I deserve a break!

    Dog Troubles

    I have an appointment for Penney this afternoon at 3:30pm.  We don't go to the vet often.   We give the dogs their shots and we deworm them ourselves.  Saves us a lot of money.  But the ear trouble seems like one of those things that needs someone who knows what they are doing. I can't see what is inside Penneys's ear canal.  She is still shaking her head a bit though it is much better.  The thing is that if we wait and it gets infected we have a much larger problem on our hands. Too bad it is the hottest part of the day.

    I might get some of that dog ear cleaning fluid.  I don't know.  Not for this situation but to make sure that her ears stay clean.  On the other hand, she doesn't seem to have dirty ears so?

    Fed the goats weeds.  I think I will mostly relax today.

    UPDATE:  Penney has come back from the vet's office.  She had a fox tail in her ear.  This sucks.  I was going to try to rake up some of the cheat grass since it got out of hand and is already dried up for the most part but this means that I have to try to do something about it as soon as possible.  The vet says don't worry about Penney needing her ears cleaned as they are very clean already.

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Dog Troubles

    The Corgi got something in her ear when we were on the bug side of the house.  I called the vet and he said it is probably a fox tail this time of year.  There weren't any fox tails anywhere near her when she suddenly started shaking her head and climbing into my lap. We'll see tomorrow when I take her in.  If it is a bug, I am finding another vet who is willing to listen to me.

    Last time he didn't believe me when I told him Penney was acting out and that she never does that and that something is wrong with her.  I finally figured it out on my own a day or two later when I figured out that Penney was getting Needle-and-Thread grass seeds stuck in her coat and she was upset that they were poking her and hurting.

    I am calling right away tomorrow to get her in.  I certainly hope it is early since it will be 95 degrees tomorrow and I have no A/C in my old truck.  I can probably take the little car, Skittles, if it will be early enough.


    Summer has officially arrived.  I haven't minded that it has been reasonably cool this year.  It is about 95 degrees out right now.

    My new barn door style shutters are keeping the place nice and cool.  It is only 74 degrees in here and it is 4 in the afternoon.  Won't be running the A/C today!  That warms my frugal little heart.

    Not much doings in the garden.  I picked plenty of lettuce and Hubby took a big bowl of green salad to work with him to share at the BBQ at work.  I got just enough strawberries to add flavor to our smoothies.  Frozen cantaloupe from last fall and fresh strawberries.  Yummy.

    I will have to keep an eye on everything to see that it is getting watered properly.

    Picked up in the garage and the breezeway.  Got the dishes washed early and then mopped the floors. Have to get things done early when it is hot out.  If I mop the kitchen floor while the A/C is running it sucks up the moisture and freezes the pipeline.  Then it doesn't work until we get it to thaw out.  Trust me,  that sucks!

    Fed the goats weeds and watered everywhere that I planted seeds for a little bit this morning , as well.  Weeded the strawberry area while I was searching for those tasty red berries.

    Nice to have things slow down a bit.  I have three books coming in the mail.  John W. Loftus  The End of Christianity is out earlier than expected and I pre ordered it.  I also ordered Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinch beck and Nomad: by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Both books look super.  Can't wait.

    Fed th egoats weeds even though I didn't feel like getting out there and weeding.  Good for me.

    Watered front and back for an hour or so each.

    Watering street side zone overnight.

    Notable Quotable

    factmeetsfiction says on exC:

    " . . . it was also hard to accept Christianity because I had to deny my own human nature and view it as a sin and repent. It was kind of tearing down my already low-self esteem by seeing myself as a sinner."
    F*ck the xtian gospel . . . the REAL good news is the fact that there is NO sin –– that there's NOTHING wrong with you –– that there's NOTHING in your nature that needs to be fixed. And the BEST HOPE EVER . . . is that you have the freedom to make your own choices, to live your own life, to be who YOU want to be –– no god, no guy, no ghost . . . and NO GUILT.

    Think about the heavy load of guilt we all carry around with us for rather trivial matters all because Christianity has created sin.  Now, if you aren't doing right you have to take steps to fix that but to live in fear of an angry god is so bad for the psyche.  America really thinks that punishment equals love.  Teaching equals love.  Punishment equal sadism.
    Hitting, shaming, smacking, paddling, calling names are all major contributors to an unhealthy self concept.  Let's try and look at the Bible for what it is.  A set of primitive myths set in a barbaric era.  Give it up and get real.

    Monday, June 20, 2011


    Well, summer is starting.  Took it a while this year.  Not that I mind as it has been ridiculous hot last few years.  Got the misting system up and running just in time.  The A/C works.  Tried it out last week. We are ready for summer this year.

    The two new barn door shutters are up and they are great!  We never did put an old style shutter on the guest room so I am hoping that shading that window will help keep the house just that much cooler.

    I planted marigold and cornflower seeds this morning.  It is a bit late in the year but there should be plenty of time for them to get going.  I have a pink cornflower in the Secret Garden on the east side of the house.  Wow!  Really a pretty color.  I have some mystery flowers coming up in the Secret Garden as well.  They are starting to get flower buds so I guess we will know soon what they are.

    Oh yeah, I am starting a cactus garden in the front and it is a modest start but I got the three cactus pads into the ground today. I got the cactus from the high northern sagebrush area near Wild Horse reservoir.  My neighbor is going to give me some more and I can always order out of the catalog.  High country gardens have cold hardy cactus.

    Laundry day.  Hanging stuff out on the line.  More later.

    Planted Rocky Mountain Bee Balm Purple
    Rocky Mountain Bee Balm Yellow
    More marigolds
    More cornflowers

    Did I mention that it is laundry day?  I have taken to putting the clothes on the line and it is a bitmore work than just throwing them in the drier.  It took us 4 years to get a clothes line in, maybe five.  Now that we have one I am trying to use it diligently.  I did save $50 last year on electricity.  Was it all because of the clothes line?  I don't know but that amount of money did pay for the clothesline.  Everything I save this year will be gravy.

    Don't forget that the world is in a bad state and saving electricity means burning less coal.  So, it is a win for my pocket book and a win for the planet.

    One last load of clothes to hang up.  The sheets.  They are hard to keep out of the dirt.  I do have plans to pave underneath the clothesline but we have to go up on the ridgeline maybe ten miles away to get the nice flat rocks for pavers and we just haven't managed it yet.  Maybe over Fourth of July weekend.

    Fertilizing the front and back areas using the new Venturi fertilizer hook it right up to the drip system fertilizing system.  Loving it.  Saves me tons of time and effort and it makes it easy to keep up with the fertilizing.  Should I mention again that my yard has trees you can see?  Wow.

    If you haven't started out with a completely barren yard you just don't know how much time and effort and patience goes into developing said yard.  I will one day have real shade.  A commodity in short supply in this desert environment.

    Anyway,  watering and fertilizng the East windbreak overnight tonight.

    Sunday, June 19, 2011


    The day has been just stunning.  We finished the new barn door style shutter and it is up and keeping the living room nice and cool.  Boy, am I proud of this project.  It looks good and it saves money on heating and cooling and we did it ourselves and we even invented it ourselves.  Wow for Hubby and I.

    More Needle-and-Thread Grass out of the yard this morning.  Fed the goats weeds breakfast and dinner.  Got the snippers out and cut suckers from the bottoms of a bunch of the fruit trees and mulberry trees and crapapples and mountain ashes.

    Picked lettuce and other greens, rads, thinned the carrots and had tiny little carrots [one looked like a real carrot but only 2 inches long but they are starting to get bigger] - mad 3 big salads.  Two to go with our pulled pork BBQ sandwhiches for lunch.  One to go into Hubby's lunch for work.  Delicious!

    The summer squash are still small plants but everything in the garden is growing as fast as it can.  No strawberries today.  Maybe in another day or two.

    Hubby got my  large rock into the center island so I can start a cactus garden over there.  This is a whole new adventure for me.

    Still need to work on the misters tonight.  The weather is turning hot in just a couple of days.  I put wire up from the breezeway to the new arbor and then to the freezer shed and back to the breezeway.  That way the lines are supported unlike last year but now I have to change the locations of the misters and add a little more tubing.  If it isn't one thing it's another.

    Got the goats fed another bin of weeds.  Got the mister system straightened out but now I am worried that it is misting the purple locust and I think I will take that mister out and leave it blank there.  Got eggs from the neighbor.

    Fertilizing and watering overnight - North Windbreak.

    Time to relax with a cup of Komodo Dragon coffee!

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Notable Quotable

    On Debunking Christianity

    All religions have the same faith-based foundation. When faith is a foundation anything can be believed. --John W. Loftus


    Faith is the foundation and fear is the stick in Christianity.  It is true, however, that with faith anything can be believed.  One can look forward to any sort of an afterlife.  72 virgins?  Streets paved in gold?  Life in other dimensions?  Gods and goddesses of their own worlds?  Xenu will welcome you in person? The list goes on and on.

    What will you  do for your faith?  Murder an abortion doctor?  Fly into a  building filled with unbelievers?  Enslave a population?  Torture heretics?  Burn the unrighteous at the stake?  Go to war for god?Faith is the path to blindness.  Reason is a reality check.  This world could use more reality checks and a lot less faith.

    Friday, June 17, 2011


    Yep, I picked up some more rocks on the way home today.  I cleaned a house.  I tried to do a great job but now I am worried that I didn't wipe out the kitchen sink.  Oh well, nobody is perfect I guess.  They have dogs pooping and peeing everywhere so I don't think they should worry too much about the kitchen sink, frankly.

    Nice day, about 82 degrees.  The Purple Robe Locust is blooming.  I got the drip on two plants I missed last week.  Hope they lived through their ordeal.  They are still flexible so there is hope.  At least they were free, I grew them from cuttings.

    Everyday I am amazed by just how much our yard is filling in.  Years of hard work.  Starting with not a single tree or shrub.  Just the desert greasewood, purple smoke bushes and antelope salt bushes.

    Picked lettuce, rads, mitchelli cabbage and had salad for lunch plus sent a salad with Hubby.  Also, managed to pick a few strawberries.  I'll have to wait a few days to get more.

    Fed the goats weeds morning and night today.

    Weeded the garden.

    Watering fruit trees overnight.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011


    I picked up some rocks on my way home from cleaning a house today.  Hey, a little at a time I am filling up the front areas.  Weeding, weeding and more weeding.

    Threw the goats some hay this morning since I didn't want to be tired by the time I got to the house I cleaned.  This evening I fed the goats weeds.  Then, I pulled four barrels of Needle-and-Thread Grass.   Nope, it isn't all gone and, yep, it is going to seed and will be dropping those horrible seed heads soon but... I have made a serious indentation into the sheer numbers of clumps out there. Tomorrow is trash day so they are sitting by the curb ready to be picked up.

    I was noticing that the large fruited crab apples are getting much bigger this year.  The pine trees are growing like crazy.  Of course they are still quite small but it is gratifying to see my work paying off.

    The large trumpet vine I put in last summer is looking good.  The leaves are coming out along the vines, not just from the roots.

    The Bittersweet vine is working it.  I so want coverage for the west end of the breezeway.

    It is wonderful to see my trees and shrubs really taking off this year.  It has been discouraging to see plants die or languish.  The Hackberries are also really trying this year.  They have been about 8 inches tall for two or three years.  The locusts are doing very sell.

    I noticed the staghorn sumacs are leafing out.  They are a key part of my wind break.

    Watered front and back for an hour each.  Fruit trees for about 3 hours.

    Watering East windbreak overnight.

    It was about 80 today but it cooled off fast when the clouds came over.  Nice.

    The corn is doing better than I originally thought.  I will need to get some fertilizer on the veggie  garden again soon.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011


    Suddenly it is summer.  We went camping for four magnificent days in the far north of Nevada.  We come back and suddenly it is summer.  I summerized the place today by getting the mister system up and making sure all the screens were in the screen doors.  Storm windows are in the ready for next winter.

    Got a few clothes on the line. Got the camping gear stowed and all the clean clothes back in a drawer. Made sure all the plants are getting watered around the yard.  Watered the street zone overnight last night.  Most of my plants are in great shape but the bronze leaved weigala still looks unhappy.  Darn it!

    The whole place is popping all of a sudden with three kinds of penstemmon blooming.  The purple penstemmons [they just went in last year] are really pretty and the garden variety of penstemmons are very nice.  The crimson penstemmons are coming up in several places and I didn't plant them there.  In our climate I think volunteers are great.

    The trumpet vines are working it.  I have tried for several years to get those going and this year I have the big one I bought coming back all over the vine and the little guy that is three years old is really trying hard this year.  Might need to make it a trellis.  Yeah!!!!   I noticed that one of my tiny oak trees in the front yard is alive and growing as fast as an oak tree can.  Another small victory for the desert garden.  A lot of the pine trees are putting on a lot of growth this year.  I couldn't be happier overall.

    The peas in the veggie garden are just starting to put out flowers.  The lettuce is coming on strong.   The melons are coming up and the winter and summer squashes as well.  I need to get the Arminian cukes planted and some more radishes and lettuce and what ever else I can think of.

    Delicious meal today of smoothies with last years cantaloupes [still a bit left in the freezer] and home grown strawberries.  I put the over ripe ones in the smoothie and sent the rest to work with Hubby.  Also, trout from our camping trip with Almondine sauce.  And a green salad of mixed lettuce and rads we grew ourselves.


    Asian cukes
    Garden cukes
    Head lettuce
    Cabbage, Mitchelli
    Dill [left over from a couple of years ago]


    Beans, melons, winter and summer sqauahes

    Tomato and garden peas are just starting to flower.  I am so excited to see a tomato flower already as I always seems to get tomatoes just as the weather turns frosty.  Maybe I will be having a plate of tomatoes before fall.

    Fed the goats weeds this evening.

    Watering NOrth side over night.

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Another gorgeous day!

    Another gorgeous day!

    Fed the goats weeds for breakfast and dinner again!  Good for me.  It is definitely more work than throwing hay but I save about a dollar a day.  Hay is really expensive right now.  Hung the clothes out on the line this week, too.  Another money saver.

    Anyway, I watered all the zones a bit because I have the new baby plants in.   What a pain.  I hope they get happy soon because I want to go camping and the neighbor isn't going to want to spend all her time watering my stuff.

    Cleaned a house today and for some reason got done early.  Good for me since that house has been a lot of work lately.

    Trying to rest up a bit since I have worked very hard this week.

    Tonight's watering  zone is West side windbreak!

    Thursday, June 9, 2011


    The first batch of corn is coming up but it is very spotty and I think we won't get much out of it.  The rest of the garden is doing well now that the weather has gotten nicer for a couple of days.

    Beautiful today.  Around 80.  Sunny.  No wind for a change.

    Bought a few snaps and one six pack of petunias and got those into some of the existing pots along with the zinnias and such that I already planted.  Got two rosemary and put them in fairly large pots with one petunia apiece.  Also, 2 pineapple sage and a German thyme.  Got the cute little mini drippers in the pots at the same time.  Saves me a lot of effort in watering.

    Fed the goats lots of weeds for breakfast and dinner.  Hate to spend money on hay when there are so many weeds available but the weeds are more effort.

    Got the last two fernleaf yarrow planted.  

    Fertilized with vf11 in veggie garden, front and back zones, east zone and fruit tree zone.  The fertilizer is liquid and it sure came out fast compared to the Miracle Grow crystals.  I like the vf11 but it seems like it might be a bit pricey to use on the drip system.  I swear the peas are already bigger just since I fertilized this morning.  Maybe it is worth it????  I used 2 gallons and it is $16 per gallon.  I wonder if consumer reports has done any studies on fertilizer.  Might have to look.

    Watering fruit tree zone overnight.  All the zones got a bit of watering since there are so many new plants out and I fertilized as well.

    Notable Quotable

    Expenty says on

    Interesting concept. God cannot sin, can It? We can sin. We have a power that God doesn't. Maybe God is jealous? Or maybe a dyslexic dog trying to krab?

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    No Christ, No Christianity

    I still remember the moment that I became an exChristian.  I read this article

    As far as I am aware the information is still pretty accurate.  There is some talk of Nazareth existing in Jesus time but.... I am not convinced.

    Anyway, I read this article after a lot of research on hell, universalism, Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua, Calvanism/Armenianism, various denominations, characteristics of cults, how even many Christians don't believe that Jesus said most of what is alleged to have said in the New Testament, etc., etc..  All of that time going on the premise that Christianity must be real on some level.

    I finished that article and I sat there stunned.  The Jesus of the Bible never existed.  That guy that did miracles and was the son of god never existed.  No Christ, no fulfillment of the Old Testament, no actual proof from history even thought there were 42 writers of the era and area of Jesus, no writings by Jesus, nothing.  There is no evidence for the Jesus of the Bible.  That guy never existed.

    It kind of washed over me.  All this effort to figure out what to believe, all this time spent, all the studying and researching, trying to figure out what god wanted.  And there never was a Christ who was god who was crucified.  At that moment, I was an exChristian.  No Christ, no Christianity.

    Was there some idiot running around saying he would return in a cloud.  I don't care.  There never was a Jesus Christ.

    It took me awhile longer to decide that I am an atheist.

    Gospels - The Ever Changing Word of God

    This article drives home the issue of changes in the gospel accounts.  The gospels, which were not contemporaneous to the "Jesus era", were then fiddled around with, little changes, big changes, additions and omissions.  Over the years, the centuries of changes, any semblance original intent or content has been lost.  Most probably burned by the winners who left no heretic unscathed in their zeal to promote themselves to all-knowing persons of the one all-knowing god that you had better worship or else.

    The Trinity has always been a strange concept that has led to this:  God sent Himself to appease Himself by killing His Son who is Himself as a sacrifice to Himself so that God could correct His mistake of putting a tree in the Garden of Eden and not putting a guard there to turn away poor innocent Adam and Eve.  The whole story is dumb.  God should be apologizing to us for being such a bad parent

    Hell - Reviled

    By Renoliz ~ 

    Idid a couple of articles on the concept of Christian hell awhile back: "Hell - Revisited" and "Hell- Roots" and I said I wanted to do an article on why hell is such an abusive concept. Dr. Marlene Winell recently sent in a video where she discussed that Armageddon and the Rapture are terrorism. And they are. So is the concept of hell.

    In the article Hell – Roots I said:
    My beef is with the Christians who use eternal Hell- this irresponsible and immoral concept – and use it to great effect. Christians who do not believe in Hell are sent packing. They are scorned by most Christians. Most of Christianity wants Hell as a doctrine. They can’t give it up. It is a tool of control; a weapon to keep those who join the Church from leaving; a motivator to get the sheeples to do as the pastor/preacher/minister/priest desires. I have no doubt that there are sincere Christians but I also have no doubt that Hell is a baseball bat aimed at the knee caps of anyone who would dare walk away. It is this concept of Hell that makes so much of Christianity adestructive cult. And it is this concept of Hell that makes so much of Christianity an abusive cult. That is what I want to talk about the next time we meet on the topic of eternal Hell.

    I stand by those words. Christianity is essentially a death cult. Christianity is a cult that glorifies human sacrifice. Christianity is a cult that focuses on the negative attributes of humans and forces reliance on invisible, imagined forces to mold us and our lives. Those invisible, imagined forces include Biblegodand Satan, hosts of angels and leagues of demons, holy spirits that must not be blasphemed and dark forces that pursue us.

    The concept of eternal hell is irresponsible and immoral. It is just plain harmful to children and the adults they turn into. There is no evidence for an actual place of hell nor is there any evidence for its opposite, heaven. We have learned that under the earth are rocks, dirt and molten lava. There is no chamber where souls go to be tortured night and day for ever and ever. In the skies above there is only the planets, star and a whole host of amazing phenomenon like quasars, black holes, galaxies filled with stars with, presumably, planets orbiting many of those stars. No heaven with a god on a white throne.

    The Earth we live on and the Universe that we inhabit are truly marvels; as are the multitudes of life forms that inhabit our tiny speck in our galaxy that is one of many, many other galaxies. That there is life on this planet and that life includes humans who can do the math and ascertain what the planet and the universe is made of is truly one of the wonders of all time. There has been a price to pay for all this knowledge…the death of our personal gods. It is clear that there is no man hanging around above the clouds looking down on us in wrath or love. It is clear that there is no heaven to go to once we are dead. It has become clear there is no hell beneath our feet to be sentenced to upon our passing. The Age of Reason is upon us.

    Yet, Christendom continues to abuse their fellow human beings with psychological torture. Christendom continues to terrify minds with gruesomely graphic descriptions of worms that never die, somehow eating your flesh throughout all of eternity. This is despite the fact that your actual body rotted soon after your death. With wild tales of gruesomely graphic descriptions of the tortures that that await your dead personage throughout time, year after year after thousands, millions, even billions of years.

    If they can’t bring themselves to believe in eternal hell in a physical sense then they tell you that it is separation from god and it hurts soooo bad to be separated from god it is torture, true pain. Think about it, you are already separated from god because of sin and yet, you are not tortured by that separation. This is certainly a silly superstition that is made up as they go. They haven’t thought that one through. Many Christian cults add on extra frills like if you are Mormon you won’t get to be a god or goddess and own your own planet. Or if you are a Jehovah’s Witness and you don’t believe in their version of Christianity you’ll be sentenced to go through planetary Armageddon before god passes sentence on you and you are annihilated. If you are a fundamentalist Baptist you believe that your friends and relatives who don’t believe correctly are going to be sentenced to the Apocalypse after you have blissfully floated away on a cloud. Catholics believe in purgatory.

    If you have a fear of hell, step away from it. [...] Stay in your reasoning place. Realize that the trauma is very real. Realize as well that thousands of people have stepped away from Christianity and the inane, manipulative, brain washing theme of hell and Armageddon and being raptured and all of that ridiculous superstitious hogwash. And those people, almost to a person, will tell you that it was worth the pain and the effort to find the truth and live with reality.All of them are using psychological weaponry to maintain your membership loyalty. It is no longer justifiable. If parents were telling children that if they don’t believe in a giant spider in the moon that they will be beaten to a pulp by Spider-man after they died and then all the spider demons were going to suck them dry over and over and over again for six thousand years before the Tarantula god made his final decision about your destiny we would call child protective services. But it is still okay to tell children that they will meet a gory and horrifying end after they die if they don’t serve an invisible man in the sky called Yahweh. Disgusting!

    Any group that uses threats of violence and psychological manipulation to maintain its structure is a destructive cult. Give your church the cult test. I bet you find quite a few characteristics in common with cults like the Hare Krishnas or the Moonies or Scientologists. If you step away from your comfort zone for a moment you will notice the stories in the Bible are every bit as absurd as the Hindu Vedas and any other myths Christians point to as being absurd myths. You don’t believe any their creation stories but yours makes sense. You don’t believe in their gods but yours make sense. You don’t believe in their versions of a bad afterlife but yours is real. Think about it.

    If you have a fear of hell, step away from it. Carl Sagan was right about reason being a candle in the darkness of superstition. Stay in your reasoning place. Realize that the trauma is very real. Realize as well that thousands of people have stepped away from Christianity and the inane, manipulative, brain washing theme of hell and Armageddon and being raptured and all of that ridiculous superstitious hogwash. And those people, almost to a person, will tell you that it was worth the pain and the effort to find the truth and live with reality. Yes, the fear of hell is very terrifying but there is nothing real there. It is all smoke and mirrors; an illusion created by humans that want and need to control others.

    Sin was created by mankind to allow leaders to manipulate followers and when that didn’t seem like enough then hell was created my leaders to frighten followers into giving their time, talents, money and loyalty to their god. There is no sin. There are only the actions that are bad perpetrated by humans. Societies around the world have done better by almost any standard you can name when they have thrown the Bible into the trash heap where it belongs.

    One last word on religion and liberal Christianity and its attempts to tone down hell. The problem, as I see it, is that Christianity lite still encourages people to believe in invisible, imaginary beings that have an influence on this world and our lives. That isn’t actually true according to studies on prayer or studies on people who visit Lourdes or in the reality we see when we are in churches. God does not aid us or make our lives better or give us a miracle. Liberal Christianity encourages faith. Christian faith means believing without evidence or even contrary to the evidence. This will always give a platform for more extreme believers to jump off from. There is no evidence for Christ. There really isn’t any evidence for god; certainly it can easily be shown that Biblegod is a creation of priests who wanted control and primitive tribesmen who lived in a very small part of the world. There is no basis for Christian beliefs. Let reason and decency and truth reign in your life not primitive superstitions and imagined communications with spirit beings.