Friday, June 17, 2011


Yep, I picked up some more rocks on the way home today.  I cleaned a house.  I tried to do a great job but now I am worried that I didn't wipe out the kitchen sink.  Oh well, nobody is perfect I guess.  They have dogs pooping and peeing everywhere so I don't think they should worry too much about the kitchen sink, frankly.

Nice day, about 82 degrees.  The Purple Robe Locust is blooming.  I got the drip on two plants I missed last week.  Hope they lived through their ordeal.  They are still flexible so there is hope.  At least they were free, I grew them from cuttings.

Everyday I am amazed by just how much our yard is filling in.  Years of hard work.  Starting with not a single tree or shrub.  Just the desert greasewood, purple smoke bushes and antelope salt bushes.

Picked lettuce, rads, mitchelli cabbage and had salad for lunch plus sent a salad with Hubby.  Also, managed to pick a few strawberries.  I'll have to wait a few days to get more.

Fed the goats weeds morning and night today.

Weeded the garden.

Watering fruit trees overnight.

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