Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Summer has officially arrived.  I haven't minded that it has been reasonably cool this year.  It is about 95 degrees out right now.

My new barn door style shutters are keeping the place nice and cool.  It is only 74 degrees in here and it is 4 in the afternoon.  Won't be running the A/C today!  That warms my frugal little heart.

Not much doings in the garden.  I picked plenty of lettuce and Hubby took a big bowl of green salad to work with him to share at the BBQ at work.  I got just enough strawberries to add flavor to our smoothies.  Frozen cantaloupe from last fall and fresh strawberries.  Yummy.

I will have to keep an eye on everything to see that it is getting watered properly.

Picked up in the garage and the breezeway.  Got the dishes washed early and then mopped the floors. Have to get things done early when it is hot out.  If I mop the kitchen floor while the A/C is running it sucks up the moisture and freezes the pipeline.  Then it doesn't work until we get it to thaw out.  Trust me,  that sucks!

Fed the goats weeds and watered everywhere that I planted seeds for a little bit this morning , as well.  Weeded the strawberry area while I was searching for those tasty red berries.

Nice to have things slow down a bit.  I have three books coming in the mail.  John W. Loftus  The End of Christianity is out earlier than expected and I pre ordered it.  I also ordered Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinch beck and Nomad: by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Both books look super.  Can't wait.

Fed th egoats weeds even though I didn't feel like getting out there and weeding.  Good for me.

Watered front and back for an hour or so each.

Watering street side zone overnight.

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