Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Suddenly it is summer.  We went camping for four magnificent days in the far north of Nevada.  We come back and suddenly it is summer.  I summerized the place today by getting the mister system up and making sure all the screens were in the screen doors.  Storm windows are in the ready for next winter.

Got a few clothes on the line. Got the camping gear stowed and all the clean clothes back in a drawer. Made sure all the plants are getting watered around the yard.  Watered the street zone overnight last night.  Most of my plants are in great shape but the bronze leaved weigala still looks unhappy.  Darn it!

The whole place is popping all of a sudden with three kinds of penstemmon blooming.  The purple penstemmons [they just went in last year] are really pretty and the garden variety of penstemmons are very nice.  The crimson penstemmons are coming up in several places and I didn't plant them there.  In our climate I think volunteers are great.

The trumpet vines are working it.  I have tried for several years to get those going and this year I have the big one I bought coming back all over the vine and the little guy that is three years old is really trying hard this year.  Might need to make it a trellis.  Yeah!!!!   I noticed that one of my tiny oak trees in the front yard is alive and growing as fast as an oak tree can.  Another small victory for the desert garden.  A lot of the pine trees are putting on a lot of growth this year.  I couldn't be happier overall.

The peas in the veggie garden are just starting to put out flowers.  The lettuce is coming on strong.   The melons are coming up and the winter and summer squashes as well.  I need to get the Arminian cukes planted and some more radishes and lettuce and what ever else I can think of.

Delicious meal today of smoothies with last years cantaloupes [still a bit left in the freezer] and home grown strawberries.  I put the over ripe ones in the smoothie and sent the rest to work with Hubby.  Also, trout from our camping trip with Almondine sauce.  And a green salad of mixed lettuce and rads we grew ourselves.


Asian cukes
Garden cukes
Head lettuce
Cabbage, Mitchelli
Dill [left over from a couple of years ago]


Beans, melons, winter and summer sqauahes

Tomato and garden peas are just starting to flower.  I am so excited to see a tomato flower already as I always seems to get tomatoes just as the weather turns frosty.  Maybe I will be having a plate of tomatoes before fall.

Fed the goats weeds this evening.

Watering NOrth side over night.

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