Thursday, June 9, 2011


The first batch of corn is coming up but it is very spotty and I think we won't get much out of it.  The rest of the garden is doing well now that the weather has gotten nicer for a couple of days.

Beautiful today.  Around 80.  Sunny.  No wind for a change.

Bought a few snaps and one six pack of petunias and got those into some of the existing pots along with the zinnias and such that I already planted.  Got two rosemary and put them in fairly large pots with one petunia apiece.  Also, 2 pineapple sage and a German thyme.  Got the cute little mini drippers in the pots at the same time.  Saves me a lot of effort in watering.

Fed the goats lots of weeds for breakfast and dinner.  Hate to spend money on hay when there are so many weeds available but the weeds are more effort.

Got the last two fernleaf yarrow planted.  

Fertilized with vf11 in veggie garden, front and back zones, east zone and fruit tree zone.  The fertilizer is liquid and it sure came out fast compared to the Miracle Grow crystals.  I like the vf11 but it seems like it might be a bit pricey to use on the drip system.  I swear the peas are already bigger just since I fertilized this morning.  Maybe it is worth it????  I used 2 gallons and it is $16 per gallon.  I wonder if consumer reports has done any studies on fertilizer.  Might have to look.

Watering fruit tree zone overnight.  All the zones got a bit of watering since there are so many new plants out and I fertilized as well.

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