Sunday, June 26, 2011

Veggie Garden

Picked pea pods today and have enough for a stir fry tomorrow.

Went shopping but Meeks was closed on Sundays.  I didn't know that so I have to go back later in the week.  I got my 4x4's, 2x4's, OSB 4x8 sheets and appropriate screws but couldn't get several other items.  Back again on Tuesday I think.

In the meantime I am going to get two more post holes dug, get the 4 posts cemented in and go from there.  If I keep plugging away at this I will get there someday.

Time to do some weeding, feed the goats, get the water started on the back berm, feed the dogs and get some more of the needle and thread grass out of the yard.  That should keep me out of trouble for a couple of hours.  It is sort of hot out but the breeze will help cool me down and keep the mosquitoes off.

Tonight's overnight watering zone is:  North Windbreak.

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