Thursday, June 16, 2011


I picked up some rocks on my way home from cleaning a house today.  Hey, a little at a time I am filling up the front areas.  Weeding, weeding and more weeding.

Threw the goats some hay this morning since I didn't want to be tired by the time I got to the house I cleaned.  This evening I fed the goats weeds.  Then, I pulled four barrels of Needle-and-Thread Grass.   Nope, it isn't all gone and, yep, it is going to seed and will be dropping those horrible seed heads soon but... I have made a serious indentation into the sheer numbers of clumps out there. Tomorrow is trash day so they are sitting by the curb ready to be picked up.

I was noticing that the large fruited crab apples are getting much bigger this year.  The pine trees are growing like crazy.  Of course they are still quite small but it is gratifying to see my work paying off.

The large trumpet vine I put in last summer is looking good.  The leaves are coming out along the vines, not just from the roots.

The Bittersweet vine is working it.  I so want coverage for the west end of the breezeway.

It is wonderful to see my trees and shrubs really taking off this year.  It has been discouraging to see plants die or languish.  The Hackberries are also really trying this year.  They have been about 8 inches tall for two or three years.  The locusts are doing very sell.

I noticed the staghorn sumacs are leafing out.  They are a key part of my wind break.

Watered front and back for an hour each.  Fruit trees for about 3 hours.

Watering East windbreak overnight.

It was about 80 today but it cooled off fast when the clouds came over.  Nice.

The corn is doing better than I originally thought.  I will need to get some fertilizer on the veggie  garden again soon.

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