Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Online Discussion

You know, I think I generally do a pretty good job at stating my case in words.  Once in a while, you deal with people that just are not getting what you are saying.  This is a frustrating thing to have happen.  You say something and your reader just doesn't get where you are coming from. I often don't do well when I am tired or people take a really hard line hostile tone. I think a little of both last night.

No discussion or trying to understand your meaning just so you are saying blah, blah.  No I am not but for the life of me I can't get a quote from some smart other guy or a book title to come to mind right now and I am tired.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

A lot of scientific and atheist type people think that because your brain is just a physical process.  And it is,  Without your brain you don't have thoughts. But just because you brain is  a physical process, that does not mean that  thoughts are somehow programmed like a video game or a computer.  Video games do not have a web of relationships built around emotions.  We live in a world defined by abstractions and symbols.  Words are representations not actual items.

The meaning given to our world is fueled by our thoughts.  What is amazing about people is there ability to think differently thereby causing their brain to think differently.  There are examples of people cured virtually overnight of OCD by their giving up religion, for example.  Not often, but it has happened.  What went into that process?

I have some information to find. I will be working on defining what I am trying to say.  Not to the person on the online discussion since he has his mind made up.  I fear he does not understand the language of poetry, music, love, paintings, abstractions.  Some people just have no imagination.

I am not talking about magic.  I am talking about real life using our real brains.  Real life colored by our brains perceptions of our real lives that we lead.  I am talking about self awareness and being conscious creatures.  I am not talking about being spirits or souls that fly around without a physical brain and body.

Yes, everything you are is based on being a physical being but, unlike a rock that is unable to think anything, unlike a lizard who basically reacts purely on instinct and programming via DNA, you can think, empathize, rationalize and make value judgments on the world

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