Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notable Quotable


factmeetsfiction says on exC:

" . . . it was also hard to accept Christianity because I had to deny my own human nature and view it as a sin and repent. It was kind of tearing down my already low-self esteem by seeing myself as a sinner."
F*ck the xtian gospel . . . the REAL good news is the fact that there is NO sin –– that there's NOTHING wrong with you –– that there's NOTHING in your nature that needs to be fixed. And the BEST HOPE EVER . . . is that you have the freedom to make your own choices, to live your own life, to be who YOU want to be –– no god, no guy, no ghost . . . and NO GUILT.

Think about the heavy load of guilt we all carry around with us for rather trivial matters all because Christianity has created sin.  Now, if you aren't doing right you have to take steps to fix that but to live in fear of an angry god is so bad for the psyche.  America really thinks that punishment equals love.  Teaching equals love.  Punishment equal sadism.
Hitting, shaming, smacking, paddling, calling names are all major contributors to an unhealthy self concept.  Let's try and look at the Bible for what it is.  A set of primitive myths set in a barbaric era.  Give it up and get real.

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