Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notable Quotable

There is a free book available that discusses why we are not a Christian nation.  If you use the link and goto you can down load it. Looks like a fantastic read.

Sgt Justin Griffith, organizer of Rock Beyond Belief ~

The book is written by a gal named Chris Rodda.  Here is what she said  about giving away the book [which, by the way, you can apparently also buy.]  I am planning to purchase the hard copy when I get a chance.

A few hours ago, I was about to sit down at my computer to do my usual thing — write about the Daily Show interview, and debunk the specific lies that Barton was able to get in. But instead I found myself staring at the big Ben Franklin poster on my wall, and changed my mind. Sure, I could write about the particular snippets of disinformation and dishonesty that spewed forth from Barton during this particular interview, but what good would that do? Been there; done that. Then, staring up at the face of Ben Franklin, it was his words, “Do well by doing good,” that suddenly popped into my head.

“Do well by doing good” — the words of a man who could have become outrageously wealthy by patenting his inventions, but decided to just let everybody have them for the public good — have now been stuck in my head for hours, and aren’t going to leave until I do what I’m about to do — give my book away for free.

Can I afford to do this? No. Do I need to do this? Yes! Will lots of people download it and read it? I have no freakin’ idea. It’s just what I need to do to bee able to look Ben Franklin in the eye on that poster on my wall.

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