Monday, June 27, 2011

Notable Quotable

TGBaker is one smart guy and I have enjoyed getting to know someone online that has so much knowledge in his brain.

Here is one of his comments"

"Let's hope this guy isn't running for Congress. "

I use to run into these type of dogmatic clones all the time at theological book sales and Columbia Theological Seminary.  I think they DO represent the logical conclusion of an Omnipotent and Omniscient God.  Calvin was very prolific and detailed researcher/writer.  The mixture of Greek Philosophy and Jewish soteriology  that wedded through Church history created the material for Calvin's thought. He would say things to others on the board like you're just and atheist because your mother and father died.  ...just mean and spiteful things. That is when I decided I would not waste conversation with the likes of David Marshall.

So it got me to thinking again about the Calvinist Doctrines.  For one thing you get to pick and choose so you can be a three point Calvinist or a four point Calvinist or a five point Calvinist.  Babies can definitely go to hell since they are born with original sin.  Even if you have been the finest Christian on the planet [and I don't know any Calvinists who are since they take the love out of humanity.] if you fall away you just never were chosen by god.  God seems to choose a very limited number of people based on the statistics of Calvinists vs. everyone who isn't a Calvinist Christian and this doesn't bother them one bit apparently.  Many stories of the abuse and meaness of the Pastors of these churches towards their wives and children.  Also, they have no sympathy for non Christians since it is god's decision and Biblegod is right about anything Biblegod chooses to do.

My comment back to TG:

..Yet, the Calvinists seem to gloss over the whole "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and the Fruit of the spirit like compassion and love and patience.  The fruit of the Calvinist doctrine is "Got mine, up yours."  It is a mean spirited form of Christianity.

So, I agree that the conclusion is logical based on an omniscient god yet it is quite able to ignore the parts of the Bible that it doesn't want to use for its version of Christianity.  Of course, all Christianities have to pick and choose from the Bible since there is no coherence and plenty of opposing verses.  Hence, at least three ways to be "saved" and get to heaven.

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