Sunday, June 19, 2011


The day has been just stunning.  We finished the new barn door style shutter and it is up and keeping the living room nice and cool.  Boy, am I proud of this project.  It looks good and it saves money on heating and cooling and we did it ourselves and we even invented it ourselves.  Wow for Hubby and I.

More Needle-and-Thread Grass out of the yard this morning.  Fed the goats weeds breakfast and dinner.  Got the snippers out and cut suckers from the bottoms of a bunch of the fruit trees and mulberry trees and crapapples and mountain ashes.

Picked lettuce and other greens, rads, thinned the carrots and had tiny little carrots [one looked like a real carrot but only 2 inches long but they are starting to get bigger] - mad 3 big salads.  Two to go with our pulled pork BBQ sandwhiches for lunch.  One to go into Hubby's lunch for work.  Delicious!

The summer squash are still small plants but everything in the garden is growing as fast as it can.  No strawberries today.  Maybe in another day or two.

Hubby got my  large rock into the center island so I can start a cactus garden over there.  This is a whole new adventure for me.

Still need to work on the misters tonight.  The weather is turning hot in just a couple of days.  I put wire up from the breezeway to the new arbor and then to the freezer shed and back to the breezeway.  That way the lines are supported unlike last year but now I have to change the locations of the misters and add a little more tubing.  If it isn't one thing it's another.

Got the goats fed another bin of weeds.  Got the mister system straightened out but now I am worried that it is misting the purple locust and I think I will take that mister out and leave it blank there.  Got eggs from the neighbor.

Fertilizing and watering overnight - North Windbreak.

Time to relax with a cup of Komodo Dragon coffee!

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