Monday, June 27, 2011

Notable Quotable

One always has to decry the lack of time and space to discuss ever aspect of an issue but I think I did pretty good in answering that science has its limits.

There are limits to science, Bob, however that in no way shows that there is a god.  There is little to no scientific evidence to show there is a god. Certainly none of the evidence points to a Biblegod.  

Textual criticism has shown that the Bible was written by very fallible humans in a very small corner of the world.  [See Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman, really fascinating read.  See also, Hector Avalos The End of Biblical Studies, another fascinating read].

Studies show that prayer is ineffective, no matter which god is prayed to.  The Bible states that if two or more pray together it shall be granted or that just the tiniest bit of faith will be able to move a mountain.  This is demonstrably proven not to work.

Science is a pointer or an indicator.  Hence many people are agnostic atheists.  They do not believe there is a god.  They know that it is virtually impossible to "prove" there is no big foot, dragons that breathe fire or unicorns.  However, it can  be stated with a fair amount of certainty that none of these creatures actually exist.

There are many types of god. Most people in America are generally discussing  two different items called god.  One is Biblegod and it can be shown that Biblegod is not able to exist.  Some of those arguments are certainly "philosophical" that show an omni everything being is not a doable concept.  The other is the deist version of god.  God created the Universe and has little or no effect on the Universe and its humans.  This god sounds a lot like nature and so does not require worship.  

When we discuss god it is important to remember which god is being discussed.  

Many atheists no more think that science has all the answers than we think the moon is made of cream cheese.  Science is a pointer or an indicator.   Science is able to evolve unlike Biblegod who is stuck in a rut as an ancient and primitive being who is jealous, vindictive and just plain ornery.

Just a couple of thoughts for you.

May peace and reason find you.

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