Monday, June 27, 2011


The house started out hotter than the last few days and I will probably have to run the A/C later.  I try to cool the house off as much as possible before closing up the doors and windows.

I weeded the veggie garden and fed the goats.  They don't really like the green grasses so much but they do eat it anyway.

The zuchinnies are racing to get big.  Good, we did the variety.  We are having salad, salad, salad, all green, all the time.  It is delicious but it is fun to have something to put in it.  Speaking of which, I need to put some more radishes in since they grow so fast and they are great for Hubby's lunches.

I got the lettuce picked and prewashed for today's salad.  Might be enough for tomorrow, too.  I am thinking about going to town tomorrow and then I think that my neighbor is dropping her dog off for awhile and the we are feeding her lunch.  I really feel inconvenienced in a way since I need to be gone and then I need to cook lunch but it will probably be fun anyway.

I picked beets, swiss Chard, some red onions and some spinach for today's stir fry.  I will use my store bought carrots and the pea pods I picked yesterday.  Should be pretty yummy.  I am thinking General Tsao sauce.

I got two more post holes dug.  Now I have to try to level the posts which is sort of hard to do by yourself but I am going give it a try.  I want to get the roofing done so that I can start tarring and then shingling during the hot weather.  Off I go.

The wind is picking up and it is still pretty hot out.  Fed the goats some grass hay.  Got the tomato cages on the tomato plants.  Put the trash cans in the garage.  Battening down the hatches.  It looks like a 45 MPH wind by tomorrow.

I am going shopping anyway so the fact that virtually no work will get done outside is fine with me!

Nope the posts are not done but they will have tow wait until the weekend now.

I did have to run the A/c but it didn't kick on until 2pm.  The other great news about the A/C is that it really is able to keep up with the heat much better than when we first moved in.   Our first couple of years were pretty miserable with the A/C not able to keep us feeling cool enough.

It is so nice to feel comfortable in our home. For on thing we have the shutters.  Having the shutter on the guest room seems to be helping on that end of the house.  Glad we finally got around to doing that.  The second thing is that we now have a fence around the front of the house that casts some shade and helps keep the ground from baking.  The third item is that the trees are finally getting a little bigger.  This is one area that will keep improving for several more years.  As the Crab apples and the ornamental pear and the Purple robe locusts start getting bigger we will have shade in the afternoons.  This should help considerably but even now it is helping some.  The arbor actually casts a respectable 3 foot by 6 foot patch of shade and every little bit helps on the southwest and west portions of the house.  We also have a green belt around the outside of the back yard now.  The center is still dirt and I have several ideas to fix that but the wind fence shades the area in the late afternoon and the golden locust I got last year for my B-day is going to be a lovely huge amount of shade in that central dirt area.  The area outside the wind fence is also much greener.  Can't wait for the little pine trees to start kicking it up a notch.  looks like they will remain pretty small this year but you can see that several of them are going to hit their stride next year.  Of course, it will be about 5 years before they will make a real difference but I have that to look forward to.

Watering the East Side Winddbreak tonight.

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