Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gospels - The Ever Changing Word of God

This article drives home the issue of changes in the gospel accounts.  The gospels, which were not contemporaneous to the "Jesus era", were then fiddled around with, little changes, big changes, additions and omissions.  Over the years, the centuries of changes, any semblance original intent or content has been lost.  Most probably burned by the winners who left no heretic unscathed in their zeal to promote themselves to all-knowing persons of the one all-knowing god that you had better worship or else.

The Trinity has always been a strange concept that has led to this:  God sent Himself to appease Himself by killing His Son who is Himself as a sacrifice to Himself so that God could correct His mistake of putting a tree in the Garden of Eden and not putting a guard there to turn away poor innocent Adam and Eve.  The whole story is dumb.  God should be apologizing to us for being such a bad parent

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