Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Troubles

The Corgi got something in her ear when we were on the bug side of the house.  I called the vet and he said it is probably a fox tail this time of year.  There weren't any fox tails anywhere near her when she suddenly started shaking her head and climbing into my lap. We'll see tomorrow when I take her in.  If it is a bug, I am finding another vet who is willing to listen to me.

Last time he didn't believe me when I told him Penney was acting out and that she never does that and that something is wrong with her.  I finally figured it out on my own a day or two later when I figured out that Penney was getting Needle-and-Thread grass seeds stuck in her coat and she was upset that they were poking her and hurting.

I am calling right away tomorrow to get her in.  I certainly hope it is early since it will be 95 degrees tomorrow and I have no A/C in my old truck.  I can probably take the little car, Skittles, if it will be early enough.

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