Friday, June 10, 2011

Another gorgeous day!

Another gorgeous day!

Fed the goats weeds for breakfast and dinner again!  Good for me.  It is definitely more work than throwing hay but I save about a dollar a day.  Hay is really expensive right now.  Hung the clothes out on the line this week, too.  Another money saver.

Anyway, I watered all the zones a bit because I have the new baby plants in.   What a pain.  I hope they get happy soon because I want to go camping and the neighbor isn't going to want to spend all her time watering my stuff.

Cleaned a house today and for some reason got done early.  Good for me since that house has been a lot of work lately.

Trying to rest up a bit since I have worked very hard this week.

Tonight's watering  zone is West side windbreak!

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