Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veggie Garden

Lots of weeding plus I got rid of some more of that needle and thread grass and a few more foxtails I spied.
Goats had weeds for breakfast.


Beets [that is a redo as the previous beets must have gotten frozen out by that darn hard freeze a couple of weeks ago]
Flat Italian Snap Beans [that one is new this year]
Royal Purple Beans
Yellow Snap Beans

A meadowlark was singing beautifully sitting on the back shrub populars.

Not done yet and have to get as much done as possible before the wind starts up again this morning or early afternoon! Gotta go.


Carrots, Rainbow
Pak Choi

Time to go out and see if I can get enough lettuce and spinach to go with the rads for lunch!

Delicious!  Homegrown is all right with me!  Mixed lettuce [thinned the lettuce in the veggie garden and picked the one that sprouted on the south patio], spinach, rads all grown by us plus some store bought carrots slices for lunch. Also, delicious smoothies made from our frozen cantaloupe and haogen melons with fresh strawberries and a banana. Throw in a steak on the BBQ and we had one heck of a meal.

Wind is howling.  Came up about noon and must be hitting 35mph.  Partly cloudy and maybe 67 degrees.

Watered front and backyard zones 2 hours.

Watering street zone overnight.

Chores like feeding the goats by pulling weeds, taking out the trash, dinner dishes, turning on the night time watering, closing up the greenhouse, making sure the hummers and orioles have some sugar water, taking out the compost and organizing for tomorrow's cleaning job are done.  Time to sit on the couch.  American Idol is over so my favorite excuse to do nothing is gone.  I'm sure I have a couple of books to finish.  I think I'll have French toast and bacon for dinner with a big glass of milk.

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