Saturday, June 4, 2011

Transplanting Mania

Yep, I was going to keep it simple this year but NOOOO!   I have transplanted 50 zinnia into the new annual garden area [25 State FAir and 25 Cactus] and about 25 candy stripe cosmos. I have a few of each of those left and will be putting them? Grew them myself using the new greenhouse!

Gave some tomato plants to my nice neighbor, Terry.  She likes gardening too.  Grew those in the greenhouse.  Fun!

The greenhouse I built myself.  I'm always so proud when I build something and it works like it is supposed to.  Of course, Hubby did help a bunch on the greenhouse but I can honestly say the concept and walls, roof, shingles, turbine air vent and doors and extra ventilation window and straw insulation are all me.  Plus, the pond inside - I did that.

Enough tooting my own horn.  Also, transplanted about 7 of the Austrian pines.  Doesn't sound like much but you also have to get drip on each one as you go.  Definitely time for a break and then, there is more to do.

Well, I got a total of 19 little baby pine trees planted today.  I have one left and I think it needs to go in the raspberry area.  I also got every one of those little trees on the drip.  Most of the pines went on the east side of the house but I did put four of them in along the imaginary driveway to the back 2 acres.  Plenty left to do tomorrow.  20 Buffalo berries and 5 honeysuckles in five gallon pots.  Those will be five large holes to dig.  I also have 2 fern leaf yarrow to put in on the back berm.

Watering east zone overnight.

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