Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Woke up to the sound of rain gently falling outside my window.  I love the rain.  Then the thunder started rolling across the sky.  This year has been a lot of rain. We might make it to 8 inches.  I'll have to try to look that up.  Our average here is less than 6 inches and we don't even support a short grass habitat.  The good news is you can see for miles.

Enjoy the beautifull cool rainy day because it will all be gone shortly and the heat is coming on.  Fourth of July is precited to be hotter than a firecracker.

I picked sugar pod peas today and a few snap pea pods as well.  I love when the veggie garden is producing.  I have to clean a house tomorrow so most of my day is shot but this weekend I will be able to get back to my projects and my garden.  Fourth of July seem searly this year.  I don't know why.

Okay, that is five bags of pea pods for making stir fry this winter.  Of course we will be combining that with our summer squashes that we will be freezing as well as some store bought veggies.  You can't beat stir fry for easy and delicious eating.

Best get out there and pick a bit of lettuce and the get to work on freezing pea pods.

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