Saturday, June 25, 2011


The weather has been lovely today in the mid-eighties.  A bit breezy but it feels good when it is hot.

Didn't have to run the A/C today and the house is quite comfortable.  Yeah!!!

Fed the goats weeds this morning but this evening threw them some grass hay.  Sometimes you need a break.  I cleaned a big house yesterday and it left me a bit tired.

The veggie garden is coming along nicely.  Managed to pick some strawberries for Hubby's lunch and sent a large salad as well [from the garden of course].

Probably need to pick peas tomorrow.

Did I mention that the blanket flowers and  coreopsis are starting to bloom.  They both add a huge splash of color to the garden.  My native daylillies in orange are very visible from far away and I am enjoying those immesely, as well.
I have som oenethera coming on but I haven't ever had much success with it although I just love the brilliant pink flowers.

Okay, I went out and pulled Neddle-and Thread grass despite my malaise.  Back to reading and watching TV:)

Think I will run to Meeks for some lumbar and another barn door bar and wheels.  One last shutter for the front will have us fixed up for years to come.

Weeded the wind fence area and got it all in a barrel.  Lots of cheat grass so not suitable for composting.

Lots of should do's but don't want to so back to reading my new book.

Watering the West side zone tonight.

Gopher ate my two cosmos with desert peaches [suspected] so Hubby is trapping the goober.  Another gopher out by the irises and daylillies eluded him once but they all succumb eventually.  Victory will be ours.

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