Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It certainly is a joy to live in America where you can shop for so many different thngs.  I have to drive an hour to do real shopping  Today I went to Meeks, Lowes, Walmart, got gas and went to Costco.  Like everyone I know I think carefully about my purchases and I try to stay on budget.  Seems like the groceries always want to go over budget.  A few packages of meat and the bill goes through the roof.  I am always glad I get to eat.  Times have been much harder in the past and today is very good to me.  I have food and a nice little place to call home.

The bank actually owns our house but one day we will pay it off and it will be all ours.  Except for the property taxes, of course.

It was cloudy and only 82 degrees.  The wind has come up considerably and I may go feed the goats while the wind is only a breezy 25 MPH as I here it will eventually be gusting to 40.

Watering tonight.  Fruit tree zone, of course.

Reading Nomad by Aayan Hirsii Ali.  Good read.  Maybe I'll have to blog about it a bit.

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  1. You're only an hour away from those stores?

    You ain't isolated.

    By the way, I see you are reading Nomad...you do realize how many lies she has told about her origins don't you?