Thursday, June 2, 2011

Veggie Garden

Had to clean a house today.  Love it when I am bored in the winter.  Hate it when I am busy in the summer with the garden and projects.  Shhh, don't tell my clients.  They have no idea.

Hubby put in the windter squash today!  I thought we were done but after talking with Hubby I realized we were short on winter squash!  The weather is so weird I don't know if we will get any veggies at all.  At least the lettuce and rads are coming on strong!  Peas are starting to kick butt as well.  Guess we'll have cool weather veggies even if we don't get any warm weather veggies due to the bizarre lack of warm weather.

What?  There is no wind today.  Something in the sky must be broken.

Brought a bale of hay home.  Need to unload it.  The only hay available was grass hay and it was $14 a bale.  Dang.  I hope the price goes down to something reasonable later in the summer.  Tom did say that he was getting straw in tomorrow so I will have to swing by and pick one up.  Wonder what the price on that will be?

Brought some rocks for the newly landscaped front of the house garden. This time I stopped at Lucille.  Nice firm road base so no sinking in the sand and there are more rocks on the dirt track paralleling the highway, also firm.  Nice, off the highway just a bit and plenty of rocks available. Need to unload them.

Need to unload and reload cleaning supplies as I get to work again tomorrow.  Probably need to quit typing and get something done.  Didn't bother to open the greenhouse today.  Hope it didn't get too hot inside the greenhouse but it was mostly cloudy and very cool.  Guess I will find out when I quit typing and go out and get something done.

Got the goats, dogs and hummers fed.  Did everything on my list.

The greenhouse was well into the 70's and was very nice.

Watering:  Not going to water the north zone tonight as planned due to the incredibly cool weather.  Only about 60 degrees today plus no wind for a change.  I'll save some water and electricity.

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