Saturday, August 4, 2012

The in laws are now my outlaws

Really, it is hotter than all get out.    The veggie garden is barely putting out any veggies.   I   don't feel like weeding since it is hot and there aren't all that many veggies to protect from the weeds.

Even though there are worse in laws than mine, my in laws suck.  They only talk about politics and are total tea party advocates.  I tend to be a bit more liberal although I am by no means a communist, fascist, wimpy, give up all my rights to the state, Democrat.  I am so sick of the wacky "facts" that are clearly not factual that I want to go into a head spinning, vomiting split pea soup, Linda Blair imitation.  You remember the scene from The Excorcist?  But they are my in laws and I have to be nice.

For years I haven't said a word but I am starting to say a little something here and there and now they don't even want to be around me at all.  I can't think of anything to talk about when I am around them.  We have a hunting trip coming up and I need to make a list of topics to discuss that aren't about death panels and Muslim take overs of the White House.

The hunting trip is really for Hubby.  I told him "Sure, let's go to Wyoming and hunt with your Dad."  It is going to cost us a small fortune since we have to drive so far.  The fees are $325 for a tag and $500 for getting a deer on the ranch.  That is already a full hunting trip of dollars spent and we haven't even paid for gas or a couple of hotel rooms and food.  All right, money isn't everything.

Here is the kicker.  His dad is making it sound like he will only be at the camp with Hubby for two days.  Hubby was doing this to spend time with his dad and his dad isn't even going to stick around to hang out with him.  That is so pissing me off.

This is so not going to be very much fun.  I always get stuck at camp while his mom cleans the trailer for hours at a time.  Then, even though they are both quite healthy, she talks about how they are planning on being sick since they are older now.  I keep saying "You guys are in great health, enjoy it." but apparently cleaning the trailer and not enjoying any of the time you are camping and bitching about how dirty it is to camp are her favorite hobbies.

I  can't moan to Hubby about his parents so, I am saying it here on the blog.  I hate being around his parents.  I've tried for twelve years to build some sort of bridge but there is nothing to build on at this point.  I am going to have to try calling more often to see if there is something we can build a relationship on.  For awhile, I thought mom and I were getting a bit closer but apparently not.

That's that, I am stuck with this situation.  I can only hope that I can find a way to express myself without getting flustered and not being able to say anything at all.  I am just going to have to find a way to work with these people and see if we can't get a little closer as a family.

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