Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's Up...the Temperature, That's What!

Still hot and going to be 100 plus again all week.  I have to get everything done outside by about 10am and then I start melting andhave to come into the house.  The A/C is keeping up and I am so happy about that.

Wiseguy and I went for a nice drive today.  We encountered a dog that kept barking and coming towards us but I kept saying "Bad Dog!" and it finally left.  Wiseguy was fine.

We are still having a bit of trouble on turns.  I really think he gets it into his mind where he wants to go and then doesn't want to do the turn.  Anyway, we worked through that nicely and did some tight circles and some good work on listening and we had a great drive.

Hubby is the best.  He is trying to get an antennae onto the Toy 4 runner.  Turns out it is a bigger job than he thought but he is valiantly giving it his best shot.

I am fertilizing using the pressure pot for the next few days.  It is so convenient.  One of the  best ideas I ever had:)

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