Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E Cigarettes

I am trying e cigs.  I have been a two pack a day smoker for years.  Frankly, I like smoking but the health problems that occur from smoking worry me.  I know my lungs wish I would knock it off.  I have been researching e cigs.

I have tried the nicotine gum and the patches.  They are incredibly expensive and they have not helped me quit.

I bought two different brands at the drugstore.  The Blu and the Cig2o.  The Blu tasted like dirty socks and the Cig2o wasn't bad.  Looks like I will be sending for the starter kit for the Volt e cigs.  Seems to be highly recommended.  There seems to be far fewer health side effects from the e cigs.  They eliminate all the tars and such that a regular cigarette has in them.

I ordered some V2 disposable cigs and will let you know how I like them when I get them in the mail.

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