Friday, August 10, 2012

In laws suck but Hubby is a Keeper

The in laws are really sucking but my Hubby is a keeper.  We went out for my Birthday.  Did a little shopping.  Found a roo up aluminum table for our hunting/camping trip this fall.  Picked up a trailer wheel for the horse trailer.  We didn't notice when we bought the trailer that there was no wheel.  Guess we didn't give it much thought but it is nice to be able to jiggle the trailer onto the hitch.  Without a wheel you have to back up perfectly.

Anyway, as we were eating our Godzilla sushi roll [it is the cooked kind of sushi since I'm not eating anything raw!], I told Hubby how I was thinking his dad sounded like he would only be in camp with us for maybe two days.  I felt that was disappointing, darn it!  I told him would also have been nice if we could have all seen his Grandma and Grandpa together.  [Grandma is 88 and has melonoma cancer so she may not be overly long for this world.]

He let me know that he thought his dad was acting like that, too.  He said that he thought dad really wanted to go antelope hunting with the rich couple.  I told him, "Yeah, but are B&G going to take care of your folks in their old age?  They don't seem to want to spend time with us but you watch, they are going to spend every dime the have and then expect to live with us after hardly spending any time trying to be a family."  Hubby said that's true.  I told him I am definitely not trying to make waves but the whole situation is frustrating.  He feels the same way.

Typical Hubby [when I think about it] says,  "I don't care what my folks do.  We are going to have a great trip!"  I agreed whole heartedly. We always have a great time when it is the two of us and the trips with his folks are really about him getting to see his family.

Hubby is more observant than I think sometimes.  And he is hearing what I am saying about the tea party and hating all Democrats and such.  He has been doing some fact checking on his own.  Not that I think he is going to turn into a Democrat is nice for me to feel more accepted with my views being different from his on a number of issues.  He noted that it is hard for me to talk to his parents when I know they think I am a communist, fascist non capitalism worshiping liberal.  We were both laughing.

Anyway, he told me that the most important thing about the trip is that I feel good about going.  He loves me and wants me to have a great time.  He doesn't care if his parents aren't going to be there for only a couple of days.  That is their loss and their problem.  We will go sight seeing and have a blast.  And we will.  I actually don't mind not being with his folks for more than a couple of days.  They get on my nerves anyway.

His mom cleans the trailer for hours and complains about dust getting into the trailer.  Camping is dirty and she is getting worse than ever about cleaning and she has always been ridiculous.  I freeze up when I am around them and have a hard time talking since I hardly know what to say to some of the ridiculous and weird and nasty things they say.  I don't think we should be using the N word when we are talking about the president.  Dad listens to Rush Limbaugh and the watch Fox news because Fox news isn't liberally biased like all the liberal news makers who can't get the facts right.  Geez, does nobody in America think for themselves?

Gotta go.  It will be over 100 degrees again today.  I have to clean a house.  They have no A/C.  Fortunately, theay have been leaving by 11:30 so my plan is to get everything accomplished as quickly as possible.  Hopefully they will leave at 11am and I will leave at 11:30am.  Cross your fingers for me since it is already pretty close to 97 degrees that time of day and I still have to drive 40 minutes to get home.

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