Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oh boy, I was at Costco and for $27 they had a weather station.  Can't wait to get that started.

I picked up two stringboards [osb] 7/16th, 4 fence post concrete, 8 - 2x4's, a box of 100 sturdy screws 2 1/2 inch, finally, a can of roofing tar.  Total: $78    I know it seems like a lot of money,  I went to Meek's instead of Home Sleazo.  Meeks is nice and they gave me a contractors card.  I didn't seem to get any bargains even so.  Maybe prices are around the same?  or a bit pricier.  They help me load up the big stuff and I can order everything at the desk and then go to the lumber yard so that part is cool.

I unloaded all the stuff I bought and got the lumber and cement under cover in the back.  Cement sure is heavy.  Ugh.

Fed the goats, fed the dogs, got the trash out to the street for tomorrow's pick up.

I watered the Northside Windbreak for a couple of hours when I got home from shopping.  Right now I am watering the new compost area.

Tonight is Project Runway night.  I am stoked.  I have Danish and milk for my decadent snack.  I should make a frozen pizza with bacon and ham for my actual dinner.  I have about an hour before the show comes on.

Westside Windbreak watering overnight.

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