Saturday, September 24, 2011


Went shopping for the forthcoming hunting trip.  Got the beef jerky, cashew clusters, dry roasted almonds, brie cheese, club crackers, fun stuff to eat on the go.  Also, some hard candies to go in the pockets and some gum for going over mountain passes or for when the mouth is feeling a little scummy:)  And Payday canndy bars with the peanuts for an easy boost with a little protein in it.

I bought some plastic egg holders since I have eggs coming out my ears and we can cook those up pretty quickly.  Plenty of bacon, too.  Ham and havarti cheese for lunches and quick dinners for when we get to camp after dark.  Forgot the split pea soup in a can.  It's the only kind Hubby likes for a quick hot meal with the sandwiches.   Of course, there will be oatmeal.  We like the old fashioned kind.

I bought some new bins with the snap close handles to put some of our gear in.  Some of the old bins are just plain old and I like the kind that have the snap close handles that don't keep trying to fly off in the wind.

We have a friend staying at the house and she will keep an eye on the pets.  This will be a mini vacation for her since she had to move back in with her mom and she needs a break.  Her dog loves playing with our Aussie.

Froze up a large watermelon, 2 Eel River melons and 2 swan Lake honeydew style melons.

I pulled all the onions yesterday and left them laying on the ground.  When I got back from shopping it looked like rain so we ran out, cut the tops off them and threw them into milk crates.  I hope they harden up okay.  I'll have to try to trade some for eggs this fall and winter.  I have yellow, purple and white and we can't possibly eat that many.

I think I will start picking the acorn squash tomorrow.

I pulled two more non producing summer squash since the frost will be here a little after October 1.  This way the goats get to eat the vines which are really hard to compost since once they are in the compost pile they make the compost pile hard to turn.

I also need to pull some of the finger potatoes and then put straw over the main rows of them to keep them from freezing before we can get around to eating them.

Watered the front thoroughly this evening.  Watering the Northside Windbreak over night tonite.

Went to the state nursery and got my 3 Jeffries and 2 Austrian Pines to replace what died.  Then I saw a new plant called winterberry.  They had big five gallon ones for $8 so I got 5.  They get about 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide and they have really cool berries that hang out on the trees all winter.  Have to get these ten plants total in this week.  Mostly won't need to add water lines but maybe a few.

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