Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots to do and less time to do it!

Today is a catch all day.  I put a few screws up in the stringboards enclosing the front of the shed.  I lopped off a number of smoke bushes.  They are everywhere and I don't mind unless they pop up in the more domesticated parts of the yard. I finished getting rid of the antelope salt bush next to the faucet for the goats and the garden.  I raked up the leaf litter and put it into the compost piles and turned the sprinkler on for an hour.  That compost needs to finish up.  Maybe I'll make sure it all gets turned over a bit next week.

I fed the goats some melon rinds and some crappy corn that I blanched and froze and didn't want since it was over ripe.  I guess I can tell Hubby I tried.  They also got some bean plants and I pulled a bin of millet grass and tumbleweeds from the driveway iris/day lily strip garden.  Oh, and a bit of dried rice grass.

I got a load of laundry done and hung out.  I am also washing the bathroom and kitchen rugs today.  I got the inside of the toilets cleaned but the outsides still needs the professional cleaning moment.  I also need to scrub the sinks, tubs and counters and floors.  Won't be too bad.

The kitchen got a good wipe down yesterday but the floor needs some sweeping and mopping.  Also, the vacuuming needs to get done.

So, today is cleaning the house day whether I like it or not:)

Lovely lunch of salad with our fresh tomatoes, cukes and carrots.  A couple of burgers on some delicious burger buns from the fancy bakery in Carson City.  Had a lovely nap after Hubby left for work.

Got moving again and went over to the neighbor to give her a couple of irrigation items and some produce.  Also directions for heading out to Slate Mountain.  Told her to call me if they get stuck.

We both headed down the road to C's house.  I have been trading her veggies for eggs.  Ended up with two dozen large size and one dozen cute little banty chicken eggs.  Not bad!   Guess we need to have some eggs for brunch this weekend.

I dug out a greasewood shrub from the new veggie area.  The burn pile is getting huge this year!  Also dug up an antelope salt bush shrub which I fed to the goats along with some rice grass that has to go so that we can get this new garden area rototilled.

Picked up some of the wire U's that we use to keep the veggie garden tube irrigation in place.  There is a zillion of them and we need to get them all out so that we can pull the tubing and rototill before the weather freezes.  Hoping for a long fall since we have lots to do in the veggie area like bringing in manure and spreading compost and getting some green manure started.  I like the winter rye.

Swept the kitchen and got up a huge pile of dirt.  Mopped.  Got the bathtub and sink area scrubbed and the toilet is shiny inside and out.  Mopped the bathroom floor.  Need to wipe off the bath scale and the TP holder and get them back in once the floor is dry.

Washed the kitchen and bathroom rugs and they are ready to put down once the floors are all dry.

I am heading out to turn on the overnight water for the Fruit Tree Zone and then I am relaxing on the couch for an hour or two:)

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