Thursday, September 22, 2011


I went to ladies night at the local lumbar store in Carson City.  I had a blast.  My neighbor drove her truck and we had a great time.  I won solar lights and she won a clip on of mosquito repellent.  We bought a couple of half off the already half off items.

We also got 20 percent off so that was great.  I bought the two barn door bars for my long shed but they didn't have the wheels I wanted or the 12 foot bar in yet.  I found the wheels for a great price in my catalog so I guess I will buy them from Growers Supply since they are on sale even with shipping I should come out ahead.  I'll call Steve at Meeks tomorrow to let him know.

Not much happening in the garden.  I picked a big ole watermelon but I haven't cracked it open yet.

Watering the Fruit Tree Zone overnight.

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