Friday, September 16, 2011

Notable Quotable

Tim Kent on his blog Reflections from the Otherside gives a great synopsis on Why believers think prayer works when it basically doesn't.

Here is what I said:

The final straw that broke the camels back and why I decided I am an atheist is precisely because if there is a god or gods then the effect of god or gods should be seen in our world.  There isn't any evidence for that.  If there is a god or gods there should be something tangible and observable that scientific research could point to and say "See, there is an effect from believing in god X or god y."  There just isn't.

Prayer should make a difference in the outcome of people's lives in the big picture, statistically, but it doesn't.  Society should be measurably  better in religious countries but it is not. Miracles should be common place but they are not.

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