Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today we picked Swan Lake melons, watermelons and we still have our delicious looking and smelling Eel River melon left on the counter to develop its full flavor.

I froze up most of the watermelon for smoothies this winter and half of the Swan Lake melon.  The Swan Lake melon was delicious.  Round, yellow and about 6 inches across, the flavor is reminiscent of my beloved Lilly Crenshaws but a little less pungent.

I worked on getting the area behind the goat shed ready to cement this morning.  I cleaned the goat pen and carted 3 or 4 loads of goat O's and hay duff out to the compost area.  I moved some more of the old compost over to the new compost area and got the sprinkler going on that.  I really need to keep that compost moist if I am going to get it to actually start composting!

I cleared another 3 or 4 native brush plants out of the new garden area.  I also cleared out half a wheel barrow of rice grass.  Threw that to the goats.

I didn't work on the shed/shade cover at all but we are already getting some good use out of that shade cover.  We harvested the garlic yesterday, braided it into some really raggedy looking braids and hung it from a rope to dry inside the shade cover like it was laundry hanging on the line.  I have to take a picture of that!!!   Certainly this was my best garlic crop ever.

The onions need to come out of the ground pretty soon, I think.

Watering the Eastside Windbreak overnight.

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