Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Melons and concrete

The Eel River melon is a s delicious as any melon you can find. This is our first year growing them and boy am I impressed.   The flesh is a beautiful orange color and soft without being squishy.  It has a delicious aroma. It was easy to tell that it was ripe since it turned a straw color and then looked like it was going to start splitting.  Nice. I am putting this on our must grow again list.

I did the concrete on one side of the goat shed.  I am set up to do the second side.  I am letting the first side set up from this morning and then this evening I will get on the second side.

The first side took me 3 1/2 bags of fence post concrete.  Hoping the next side will only need three.  Maybe it isn't quite as deep.  I will have to buy about 8 more concrete to finish everything I want to do before winter.

Cleaned out some more duff from the goat pen.  I need to haul 3 or 4 more wheel barrows full out to even be close to being caught up.  I haven't cleaned it out for most of the summer.  I have been busy and it hasn't really hurt anything but I do like my goats to live clean in their dirt.

Evening update

I got out there before 5pm and got the south side of the goat pen in concrete.  I think I did a lovely job.  Let's hope this solves my wind eating the dirt out from under the goat shed problem permanently!  The goats will be a lot snuggier this winter in their straw beds.  We'll probably have a really warm winter and they won't care:)

That was 4 loads of concrete at 60 pounds each.  How do I do it?  I am a lot tougher than I look, I guess.

I also took out one more wheelbarrow full of goat duff.

Watering the Fruit Tree Zone overnight.

It took until 11pm but it looks like it is finally cooling off in here.

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