Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well, the annual big camping trip is coming up soon.  I made snack packs today with some really good stuff this year.  Cashew clusters [with pumpkin seeds - delish] and tropical dried fruit and nut mix, Payday candy bar, beef jerkey, hard candies, dry roasted almonds, one piece of gum.  Should keep us going for quite a few hours if we get hunkered down somewhere and don't make it back to camp.  And just plain good eatin' if we do make it back to camp.

Got little Penny PooPoo the Corgi's food organized.  Yeah, I decided we will take her with us.  She is so cute and she loves camping.  The big dog will stay home.  He likes guarding the yard and his doggie friend is coming to stay along with her owner.

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