Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day Off?

A day off?  I guess not really.  I pulled a bunch of the tubes from the veggie garden and moved three or four loads of compost from the driveway of the long she/veggie garden over to the new side of the veggie garden.  I cleared a couple of more shrubs out of the new veggie garden area.  Fed the goats antelope salt bush, bean plants, corn stalks and, as a treat, some watermelon rinds.

Obie, the big goat, looked like "Wow, this is so juicy and delicious."  He was chewing it and letting the watermelon juice run down his chin.  Adorable.  Taffy and Spot like watermelon, too.

I picked tomatoes, Asian and straight 8 cukes, carrots and a watermelon.

Hubby came out and we picked the first two Lilly Crenshaws - the best melons on the planet:)  The one we opened was a bit over ripe and was still delicious.

I got a load of cleaning towels washing.

We had steel head trout and almondine sauce for lunch along with a salad.  And that delicious watermelon and crenshaw melon.

Break time!!!

Fed the goats.  I started with 6 corn stalks [with over ripe corn attached], some bean plants and some sunflowers.  They have a lot of the antelope salt bush left.  I also threw them the rinds from today's melons.  Finally, I threw them some of the crappy grass and weed hay as they are going to have to eat that this weekend so it is time to start putting some of that into their diet again.  I have one more round of corn to feed them and a couple of days worth of bean plants and then they are down to melon vines and such.  Not their favorite but they will eat them.

I picked some of the cayenne peppers and set them up to dry in the greenhouse.  I also picked some basil to dry.  I put the four garlics into the greenhouse as well.  Fed the dogs and made sure the watering was all started.

I picked strawberries and I think I will have bacon and a strawberry/lilly crenshaw melon smoothie for dinner.  Yummy.

The green freezer has been running since yesterday and it looks like it is holding near zero.  Perfect.

Is there anything better than home grown food you grew yourself [okay, the neighbor grew the eggs and I bought the tortillas and bacon.]  I had a delicious smoothie of home grown fruits and tortilla wraps of bacon and fresh home grown eggs.  Delicious.

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