Monday, September 5, 2011

Lots to do and less time to do it:)

I am plugging away this morning.  Had a bad stomach last night  and I am pretty sure I don't feel so good today but I have decided that I need to get things done because it is cloudy.  That means that it isn't horribly hot.

I pulled weeds in the front area, then I cut down another antelope salt bush and I pulled a bunch of bean plants for the goats.

I am washing up the laundry and hanging it out on the line.

I moved a couple of wheel barrows full of compost.  I moved one of the sand cherries away from the long shed and put it in an empty hole in the Northside Windbreak.  I cut a 92" x 24" piece of string board and got the first panel up on the front side of the long shed.

Hubby and I picked grapes.  Unfortunately four vines have reverted to concord rootstocks and only 2 vines have "real" grapes.  One of them is a Canadice and those grapes are delicious!

I picked zukes and patty pans.  I need to get a hold of C. and see if she wants to trade eggs for veggies.

It is time for a coffee break and then I need to make sure I have Hubby's work lunch and pre-work dinner organized.  He leaves here at 1:30.  Looks like he is going on day shift after the hunting trip in October.

Anyway, I still have lots to do and now I have less time to do it:)

Had to move some sand to do my project.  Shoveling sucks.  I got the last piece of stringboard cut and placed on the front section of the long shed.  I will need to buy two more pieces to finish this project up.   Oh well,  what's another $20 at this point?

 I was looking at the price of sheds at Home Depot and they want one thousand dollars for a much smaller shed  than mine and , of course, I also have a 15' x 15' covered shade area.  I must be getting close to $700-$800 spent  but I have a 6' by 20' shed with multiple shelves  and a shade cover for my money.  Should last me for years, too.

Got the clothes off the line and picked up the extra pieces fromt he project.  Got everything buttoned up and now it is break time!!!

We had a fantastic salad for lunch with cukes, carrots and tomatoes from the garden along with store bought lettuce, avocado and some bell peppers a friend grew... Some turkey and Havartic cheese and what a meal.

The sun is going down.  Good, because I am tired:)  I moved another sand cherry from in front of the long shed to the Northside Windbreak.   I already had a couple of drippers from trying to transplant slatbush.  They died but it is working out since I have the three sand cherries to put over there.

I started cleaning out the goat pen.  It really needs  a good raking up as I have been remiss all summer.  I got the branches out of there that the goats have stripped the leaves off of.  Then I raked up hay and goat O's.  That would be about 5 wheelbarrow loads of goat litter.  I put some termite killer around the posts on the goat hut since we have wetland termites and I will be cementing around the goat hut soon.

I cut down some more antelope salt bush in the new driveway between the garden and the long shed.

I watered the compost piles in the new garden area and now I am watering the Front Zone.  Looks like I should be watering the Eastside Windbreak overnight.

I have to freeze up some fruit.  We picked several melons and they aren't very ripe but they should be good in smoothies this winter.

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