Sunday, September 25, 2011


Moved the hay around today.  We  consolidated the grass hay in the metal shed.  We then got quite  a few of the alfalfa hay into the main shed. The main shed already has straw on the right side and we haven't used much yet so nothing to do on that side.  We then got the straw out of the greenhouse and into the shade cover with the four bales of alfalfa we couldn't fit into the main shed.  We had two of the grass hay in the greenhouse so we put those in the middle of the main shed and we'll feed that first.

We should have plenty of hay and straw to keep us going until next summer when they start cutting hay again.

Now that the greenhouse was cleared out I put the crates of onions and cayenne peppers in there to dry.  The one little pumpkin and the 4 or 5 small acorn squashes we left on the bales of straw to let them cure.  I have some more acorn squash to pick but I am waiting as long as possible.  They seem awfully small.  I only picked the ones that are starting to turn a bit orange.

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