Monday, September 26, 2011


Yep, the melon season is winding down with a bang!  I got six watermelons today and froze them all for smothies this winter.  Also, 2 Eel River melons and a couple of Swan Lake Honeydew style melons. The Rocky Fords are nasty and I fed them and their vines to the goats.

The kitchen was a sticky mess but thanks to the nice tile and the really big stainless steel sink we put in this spring it was really  easy to clean up.

The goats are sick of melon rinds so I took a big bucket of rinds straight  to the compost pile.

I got the camping gear out of the shed and parked by the breezeway but I haven't managed to sort through it so I guess I will worry about it tomorrow.  I have Tuesday and Thursday to work on cleaning up and organizing the gear.  Maybe tonight I will organize the first aid kit.

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