Saturday, September 17, 2011


The sunrise was stunning.  Soft and ever brightening pinks turning to oranges.

Tired today.  Got some weeds and some rice grass for the goats and then thre some grass hay.

Other than that I moved a fair amount of dirt from the high side areas of the long shed/shade cove/greenhouse drive way area.  I dug up several roots of shrubs I have cut off to remove.  I have some other things to do but I can't seem to get them going:)

Hubby got the goat pen straightened  out.  We put in a bunch of T posts and wired them.  We put them on the outside of the fence so when the goats lean on the wire the wire is being supported by the new extra posts.  That doubles the amount of posts on pen on most of the sides. The east side was in pretty good shape so we left that alone.  I pulled the loose nails and replaced them with screws on the goat hut.  There wasn't too many, maybe 10.

Hubby also fixed the hay crib so that the goats wouldn't get stuck in it again.  Spot panicked one day and somehow got one leg in one end of the crib, tumbled over and got the other leg stuck in the other side of the crib with the hay crib on top of him.  Hubby had put a bar across each end near the bottom to keep the goats from spreading the legs apart when they were pushing it around.  So, Spot was laying there bleating horribly.  I said, "Don't move Spot, I am coming to save you!"  And I did but we haven't used the hay crib all summer.  It is nice to be able to throw the hay into the crib instead of making them eat it all off the ground.

Hubby made a delicious sauce for our frozen ravioli with mozarella  cheese stuffing.  Olive oil, toasted almonds and fresh from the garden basil.

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