Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sundays used to be for getting to church on time.  Now, they are for sleeping in   [in the case of Hubby who works swing shift] and getting done what is needed to get done and/or hanging out.  Instead of listening to Pastor Butthead spew inanities about an imaginary being.

So far today I have moved a bunch of dirt to lower and even out the driveway for the long shed area.  I had to dig up quite a few roots from the shrubs I cut out already.  I got the north end wall OSB wall board cut and up on the front of the shed and I got that piece and the piece next to it screwed in securely.  I had to put a coupe of cross piece 2x4's up to hold the wall board.  So that was some measuring, cutting, drilling and screwing that had to get done.

Went to the neighbor's house and fed/watered the dogs and chickens.

It is already 11:20am so I think I will go out and start putting base coat on the new wall boards and the little bit of trim I missed last time.

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