Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Shed

The roof is tarred except about an 8'x8" patch on the front side of the roof for the shade cover.  Yep, have to buy one more gallon of tar.  At least it isn't horribly expensive.  About $13 per gallon.

This is a happy day for me.  The shed is starting to seem like it really could be completed by September 30th.  That is my goal.

Hubby cut the rafter ends off for me on the front side of the long shed.  That means I can get the 2x4's up as trim and get the under mounted facia up on that side.  I still need to build a couple of extra wide shelves to complete this mission.  Don't forget the 3 4x8 doors and the 8x8 door for the shade cover.  Oh yeah, cement left to do as well.  Still, coming right along.

Moved two wheel barrow loads of compost this morning and three  more this evening.  Boy, do I have a lot of half done compost.  Have the sprinkler running on it again this evening. Can't make compost unless the organic matter is wet!

The new compost area has the sprinkler for the compost pile and I can't wait to see how wet that compost is after getting watered overnight!

I cut down a fair sized antelope salt bush this afternoon and fed it to the goats along with corn stalks, bean plants and Jerusalem artichoke stalks.  They should be pretty happy with all that to eat.

Overnight watering is North Side Windbreak.  Two or three hour watering at dusk is the Back Zone.

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