Friday, September 2, 2011

The Shed Goes On and On and ....

Yes, I am still working on the shed and shade cover.  Today I started moving the compost piles into the new garden section. I also clipped back a sand cherry shrub that needs to be moved.  I cut down some of the four-winged antelope salt bush.  The goats love eating that.  I am clearing the area in front of the long shed/shade cover/greenhouse so that we can drive the truck in with some loads of manure.

Then, I also moved some of the sand away from the shade cover and shed. It has been building up there and needs to go.

Next, I cut the last piece of string board [OSB] for the shade cover.  It had to be cut down to 85 inches and then it had a slant on the bottom of 42 inches on the right side down to 48 inches on the left side.  The fit was perfect so I put some screws in and called it good.

I then had to get out the base coat and give it a base coat of paint.  I quit for awhile to have lunch and rest up.

This afternoon I made sure the sprinkler was going on the newly moved compost piles in the new section of the garden.  I moved a couple of more loads of compost in the wheel barrow.  Then, I painted the white top coat on all four string board panels [front and back];  came back with a brush an did the edges.  Moved on to make sure the white is satisfactory on the long shed.  Tomorrow or the next day I will paint the green trim.

After that, I should be done painting until I do the front of the long shed.  I may have almost enough materials to do that so maybe this week coming up.  I will have to buy another gallon of white paint, I think.  My free bucket of paint is getting very low.

I would really like to get the tar on the roof of the shed so I may make that a priority tomorrow.  The shed would look so good if there wasn't grey and tan boards on the roof.  Hubby need to help me cut off the rafter ends on the front of the long shed.  He'll be home so lets see if he will do that.

Hubby caught the two gophers that were trying to invade the veggie garden.  He is my gopher catching hero.

Looks like I am watering the Fruit Tree Zone over night tonight.

 I should try to get a sprayer onto the compost pile real quick before it gets dark.  I have the composting area set up at the north end of the long shed.  It has some fencing around it to prevent the wind from blowing the lighter items like paper off the top and sending them around the yard.  Very tacky:)  The new compost pile area has three cages for composting so that one can have a new pile and an old pile and one can turn them easily by moving them from one cage to the other.  In addition, it is near the water line for the Northside Windbreak watering zone and so can get watered automatically.  I am loving that!!!!

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