Monday, September 19, 2011


I was out looking at the fruit trees with Hubby and I am concerned that one of the cherry trees may have borers.  The flowering cherry also seems to be having issues.  So, it was on my list of things to do but today is the day to get the systemic on the trees.

We generally don't use a lot of insecticides around here but the borers are tree murderers and have to be dealt with.

Seems like all of a sudden I have tumbleweeds taking over the far corner in the front but no time so I will have to pull them out and burn them later in the fall.

I can feel the chill in the air in the mornings and many of the trees are just  starting to turn color.

We picked a couple of Lilly Crenshaws.  Delicious.

We froze quite a bit of melons, so far.  Can't wait to be drinking smoothies this winter.


All the fruit trees in the orchard
Two apple trees south side garage
Crabapple, ornamental pear and apple, front of the house
Crabapples along driveway
Mountain ash, curly willow in the secret garden
Two flowering cherries by gate
Two crabapples with ovre sized fruit by street
Two crabapples, flowering cherry, medlar in backyard
Four willows in the fenced out area near goat pen
Willows, mountain ash, street side, behind garage

Double darn it!!!!  I didn't have enough white paint to do the job so I had to settle for painting white everywhere that is close to where the green trim is so I can at least get the green trim done.  Drat!

That also means I have to buy more white paint which I thought I would but I am kind of tired of spending money on  this project.

I got all the green trim color painted [probably needs a second coat but it sure looks good when the neighbors drive by].  Hubby kicked it into high gear and got his own lunch for work, got the bacon cooked and froze up some watermelon.  Yeah,  I took a break from painting, threw biscuits in the oven and whipped up some scrambled eggs.  Delicious.  We had an Eel River melon with that.

I ran outside to finish up the trim and Hubby got himself out the door.  I will have to close the gate later.  Wow.  I love that man.

So, am I tired.  I think it is break time.  Tonight I want to work on getting the house caught up a bit.

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