Friday, September 23, 2011


I went online to Johnnys Seeds and it turns out there is no winter rye available so I searched the internet and wasn't having much luck.  The prices were really high and shipping was outrageous.  So, I ordered a winter cover crop mix from Johnny's  that I am supposed to be able to put in in the fall.  I hope this works.  It was pricier than Johnny's winter rye but I still did better than buying winter rye on another site [although I would have gotten a lot of winter rye it was $70.  I cannot spend that kind of money on a cover crop] . I will have to seed the winter mix kind of thin but at least I will have something out there holding my dirt down and improving the soil.

Shipping prices have gone through the roof.  I ordered the wheels I need for the rolling barn doors on the infamous shed.  The price on the wheels was great.  They were on sale for $27.95  but so that was $111.80 but then the shipping was an outrageous $48.30.  The total was $160.  Still, at least this project will be done.  Honestly, that is probably about the price I would have paid at Meeks so....

I tried to get the wheels through the local lumber store but the guy at Meek's couldn't seem to get them ordered and it has been two or three tries for me to buy the twelve foot wheel bar for the large barn door.  I decided to wait on the bar since the bar we had shipped by Gardeners Supply a few years got a bit bent but now I will have to go by and tell him not to worry about ordering the wheels since I have done that.

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